So I just knew that my first April post had to be in reference to one of my favorite stories of all time that's finally getting a super slick reboot coming this fall. Yes, it's Stephen King's IT, and no, I'm not sorry that one of my favorite stories in life is about a killer clown. Kidding (sorta). That's just it though: there's SO MUCH more to this story than just the crazy ass Pennywise, and I actually think the silly horror aspect of it often drives people away from reading the book and watching the 90's film. So to give a quick plot summary (without spoilers), IT is basically a monster that comes to 'eat' children every thirty years in a little town called Derry in Maine, v splendid, right? The reason why I quote 'eat' is because it actually just sucks the life out of you, and puts your body in this limbo of spider webs in a cave where 'IT' lives (how fun). This is why Pennywise keeps saying that the kids 'all float,' cause they float in this weird-ass web place. Oh, and we don't exactly know where IT comes from, but it is explained that it's some sort of extraterrestrial being/spider thing that wound up on earth yadda yadda. The reason why 'IT' takes the form of a clown (aka Tim Curry in the original film, bless) is because it's supposed to take the shape of what people are most scared of: clowns, being a common fear, got dibs. Essentially, the book and the 90's movie is separated into two parts: one, where the kids first encounter the monster and fight it off, and the second, 30 years later, when the kids are adults and 'IT' comes back to Derry -- aka, they have to go back and kill it again.

But the genius of this book (thanks to Stephen, a literal King), is actually the characters he created to fight off this monster. These kids, coined the Lucky Seven, are just about the most relatable middle-schoolers ever (that's not sarcasm I swear), and they each have a really in depth trope: everything from overprotective moms to abusing dads and murdered siblings (you guessed it, Georgie is that sibling - watch the trailer here if you don't get my reference). Regardless, the book and original movie are filled with so many complex and beautiful storylines that really harmoniously marry into an awesome coming-of-age narrative, and I think that's my favorite part about IT all.  It's just a wonderful story about overcoming fears, and a much-needed reminder that good always triumphs over evil.

I started this look in true clown-esque fashion with this AMAZING blouse I got a few months ago from Storets. It is actually apart of a dress-shirt combination, which I love because you essentially get 3+ outfits out of that one purchase. I paired this under some skinny jeans from Bullhead Denim (similar here), and added a classic leather jacket and black wedges. Finally, I finished off the look with a dark  Too Faced Cosmetics lip in 'Drop Dead Red' (v appropriate for this post, lol), and my classic Ray Bans. 

I leave you with this: do try to see the original IT movie or read the book (which is SUPER long, so if you like long reads this is for you). 

And it wouldn't be appropriate to finish this post without ending with one of my all-time fav SK quotes:

"We make up horrors to helps us cope with the real ones."

Cheers, xoxo - A.Martine

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