Ah, February. The bridge between what we like to think of as spring and the hopefully end of winter. I can only really say that I like February because of fashion week, to be honest. And, because there are random 50 degree days, which are the best when they fall on the weekend. But this year, this month actually takes the cake not only because it's a leap year (yay for 366 days), but because I got to see Miss Lindsey after 7 months. (Yes, you read that right, SEVEN months). So cheers to that. I also had a lot of fun with makeup the past few weeks, as you'll see in my favorites, and have delved into, dare I say, a lot of pink lip colors. So without further ado....

01. The Porefessional Matte Rescue Primer- All hail this primer, y'all! I am really liking this blue jelly goodness from Benefit. I'm already a big fan of the Porefessional products, so it wasn't hard for me to try this out from the get-go, but it actually exceeded my expectations. It's a refreshing blue gel that really brightens your makeup and keeps foundation from slipping and sliding throughout the day.  Not to mention, I get really oily on warmer days, so this keeps my face super matte and shine-free. Definitely a must-try if you have oily/combo skin and you're looking for a new foundation primer.  

02. Suede Seduction Palette by Buxom- Oh my god you guys, this is actually the only eyeshadow palette I've been using for the past like three weeks straight. I am simply obsessed. I've never actually used Buxom shadows before, (I've only ever delved into their mascaras), so I was a bit hesitant when first trying this out. Truth be told, the colors are wicked cool and the pigmentation is glorious. I've been loving the third, darkest coppery shade in my crease, and the peach tone on my lid, with a little bit of the icey grey on my outer corner. It's really such a brilliant palette because it's such a fresh take on nudes and greys. I never thought I'd say it, but I almost like this better than some of the Naked palettes, for real. 

03. Colourpop La LaWell, well well. I know I'm extremely bias of the name, but this eyeshadow lives up to the Lala standard, from what I can tell. It's a lovely metallic copper, that is simply the perfect balance of warm and cool.. it's not too much, but it's not too subtle either. It's quite reminiscent of Mac's Tan pigment (which I loooove), and is easily a dupe for the shade. Bonus: it's only five dollars.. aka, it's the best purchase ever. Sidenote, I LOVE the consistency of Colourpop shadows (I have a few others as well), and I'm so into their motto of getting really quality makeup for a lot cheaper than most brands. So so smart, and so so cool. 

04. Mac Zac Posen Haute Contour- If there's anything I love, it's a high fashion designer collab with a makeup brand. Zac Posen recently teamed up with Mac to produce a totally chic line of powders, lipsticks, and more, and I was lucky enough to get my hands on his contour compact. It comes with a bronzer  and "highlight," which certainly looks more like a blush shade of pink and gold. The powders just leave you absolutely glowing, and it's so beautiful, inside and out. 

05. Colourpop Lumiére- And so begins my cliff dive into the world of pink lippie stix. I purchased this earlier in the month with the hope of it being a nice dupe for the pink shade in the Kylie Lip Kit, and boy was I on target. It's the most gorgeous mauvey-pink matte lip color that I think I've ever owned, and I haven't been able to stop wearing it. Oh yeah, and it's only five dollars. All hail Colourpop. 

06. Colourpop TrapLast Colourpop product in this batch but certainly not least, I also picked up Trap this month as I was in search for a cool purpley greige- pink. This is also a matte lip cream so the consistency is very wet in the bottle but immediately dries on the mouth, which I love. This color reminds me of bubblegum, cool girl bands, and Tumblr. It's amazing. 

07. Batiste Dry ShampooI recently ran out of my beloved Nirvana Dry Shampoo by Elizabeth and James, so I opted to run out and grab a quick replacement for the time being. I've talked about my love for Batiste in other monthly favorites, but I wanted to place it in a current monthly favorites as I've rediscovered how much I really like it. This is the original scent but I also really like the Cherry + Wild. 

08. #BLOCKOUTTHEHATERS Sleep Mask by 41 Winks- How freakin cute is this guys! I received this lovely mask in the mail and I'm simply obsessed with it's aesthetic, and moreover, it's anti-bullying message. Stay tuned for a piece I've written in correspondence with this mask's message on the Lala, where I share a personal story about cyberbullying. 

"Men at sometime are masters of their fates"

[Julius Caesar 1.2]


Cheers, xoxoxo - A