If there's anything about the Adirondacks that I love, it's certainly its quirky locations like this. This is my fifteenth, (yes, you read that right, ONE FIVE) trip up here (haven't missed a year since 2002), and every time I come back I always find another reason to love it. Going to these towns are effectively like walking into a time warp... where the diner booths are red and leathery and the ice cream stops are not complete without pink walls and a pink roof. 

So to celebrate that time warp, I decided to take it back a little with this outfit in the most camp kind of way I could. First off, my pants and jacket in this look, are, you guessed it, thrifted. I have a love-hate relationship with thrift stores, but recently it's been on the former end as I found both of these really sweet pieces thrifting back at home. I mean, what an excellent denim jacket find!!! To balance out the look and give it a little shine, I went with this Brandy Melville silk pink chemise, and I added a fun bandana to be a little unexpected. Finally, I finished the look off with killer white Adidas and a pretty ice cream sign. 

"Be patient, for the world is broad and wide." [Romeo + Juliet 3.3]

♡ Photos by Lindsey Marie

Cheers, xooxoxo  - A