I get asked time and time again why the name of my blog is "Killer Queen," and to clarify the situation, I'm letting you know that it's not named after Katy Perry's gross celebrity perfume (#sorrynotsorry...). It's named after the Queen song, "Killer Queen," which discusses a woman with an aura of confidence and a little danger, reminiscent of Dame Marie Antoinette herself. But her legacy is actually pretty interesting, and it's really cool to look out for pop culture notions of her.. because after all, what exactly do we remember her for? Indeed, she's known to some as a villianess, and she certainly did get what was coming to her, but there's something so decadent about her Rococo character that I can't help but covet in a way. Let it be known that I'm sharing these thoughts after visiting a time-period themed bar this past weekend, where of course, there was a room decorated head to toe in "Let Them Eat Cake" style. Ironic. Isn't it? 

Enough about my M.A. ramble. Let's get into the products I've been digging this month.

01) GLOSSIER MILKY JELLY CLEANSEROkay, if there's any product in this batch that is Marie Antoinette worthy, it's by far this one.  After much hype surrounding it's launch, I knew I wanted to try this out because I'm a huge fan of Glossier and their skincare philosophy (which is pretty much, the gentler the better). Without any surprise, I'm extremely thrilled with the outcome. This is an entirely new consistency of face cleanser (it literally is, both milky and jelly), and it smells like fresh rosewater. It's remarkably gentle, and is really perfect for everyday use. So many snaps for Glossier on this one. 

02) BOBBI BROWN MOISTURIZERSo as you very well may know if you read my blog often, I don't like to hop around with moisturizers. I have my favorites: Benefit's Total Moisturizer,  and Glossier Priming Moisturizer. So straying away is usually pretty difficult for me, until I received this sample from a VIB Rouge box (yes.. I am a VIB Rouge.. it is both sad and awesome). I love the fluffy-ness of this product the most I think. It's got that airy, whipped quality that just feels like it sinks really nicely into your pores. Again, this is super gentle as well, so it's great for every day use. 

03) BOBBI BROWN BISQUE CONCEALERAh. This product (which has definitely made an appearance in my favorites before). So, I ran out of this over the summer, and as things got really busy and I felt like I didn't need it immediately after, I decided to take a break from it. Finally, this month, I got around to purchasing another, and was reminded of exactly what I was missing. This stuff is AMAZING! I mainly use it just under my eyes and pack it onto my dark circles (I have pretty deeply blue-purple ones because I have severe allergies). This instantly brightens my face and literally enhances my eyes in the best way possible. 

04) MAC HELLO, THEREHello. It's me. (Sorry, I had to). Okay, so I've been obsessed with baby pinks for the past few weeks (if you take a look at my Instagramyou'll get what I mean), so I wanted to try a shadow that was super matte and baby pink that I could balance out with a taupey brown. And, this is it. It's super pigmented, sits really nicely on the lids, and looks killer with a sharp black wing. I'm into it. 

05) HOURGLASS AMBIENT LIGHTING PALETTE I literally only have one word for this one and it's super cliche so I apologize, but... OBSESSED. This palette is incredible, and I've used it everyday since I got it for Christmas (thanks Miss Amanda!)... I really like the brightest shade on my cheekbones, and then a mix of the other two on my nose and cupid's bow. This is a great investment for a makeup collection, and is also really stellar for traveling. You'll use it literally no matter where or when you are-- it's timeless. 

06) TARTEIST LIP PAINT IN FRENEMYSo I've heard WONDERS about this product, so I decided to pick it up and really test it out (after all, my collection of deep red and purple lipsticks could always expand another thousand times...). I have two things to say about this one: I am in love with the color. I adore adore adore this deep browney-red and it looks amazing for a nice night out. Second thing though: beware, because it's messy. Now, I don't like to usually call makeup messy, because after all, of course it's going to be a little messy, but this one especially is an item you need to be careful with. It looks amazing and is great for going out for drinks, but I wouldn't recommend eating (I KNOW, :( lol) with this on. Be super careful when you apply this stuff because I've been able to perfectly swipe it on my lips and then have it stained all over my phone somehow miraculously. I decided to keep it in my favorites because I'm so in love with the color and finish, but just as a note, be careful when applying this!

07) MAC ARIANA GRANDEYippeeeeee. I've been waiting for this color for a while! Her lipstick shade for Viva Glam is absolutely gorgeous, it's a deep purple plum/brown, and again, is an awesome color for going out at night or for a fun photoshoot, or if you wanna be bold, for a full day of work or school. I'd recommend keeping it on you at all times as touch-ups are needed, and also be careful when eating. Otherwise, I think this is a gorgeous gorgeous lipstick, and I'm so happy to have gotten my hands on it.

08) VIKTOR + ROLF FLOWERBOMBAn oldie but goodie. I never actually got my hands on this perfume until this year (I know, it's literally been around forever), but I'm so happy I finally did. First off, I LOVE Viktor and Rolf as designers, so I'm already bias, but I'm very impressed with this as a daily scent. Plus, the bottle is gorgeous. It's a win-win.

"My only love sprung from my only hate!" [Romeo + Juliet 1.5]

Cheers to FEBRUARY 2016 + NYFW!

xoxo - A