What an incredible first month of summer it's been. I've taken a lot of my post-grad time to focus  more on Killer Queen(and the Lala, of course) and I couldn't be happier about it. Hot days have called for upstate day-trips and drives, but also some fun rooftop city nights. It's been a really relaxing first month out of college to say the least (believe me, I needed it). This month's favorites are super summery and have been my go-to's as of late. So, without further ado.. 

01. Velvet Matte Skin Tint by NARSWhen I recently ran out of my favorite Laura Mercier oil-free tinted moisturizer, I was crushed to find every shade by my own left at the Sephora counter. So, I opted to try something else I've heard wonders about.. the new skin tints by NARS. Similar to LM's formula, this baby has an SPF of 30 and keep away shine throughout a hot summer day, and I'm quite pleased with its pigmentation and staying power. 

02. Mac Sparkling Rose Iridescent Pressed PowderI am always up for a sweet highlighter powder for summer.. I think it always adds such a gorgeous hue to dewy skin this time of year. This champagney-rose one by Mac has made its way to my favorites this month because of its power pigment and its pretty finish. An excellent find for a summer highlight, I'd say. 

03. Mac Hello There Shadow- Not often do you catch me wearing a pink eyeshadow, but if you have, it's this one. I love using this as a lid base and blending it into a darker crease color as an every day look.

04. L'Oreal Voluminous MascaraMy favorite throwback product for this month definitelyyyyy has to be L'Oreal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara. This is my favorite mascara for summer (and has been since I was like, in 8th grade, or whenever I started using makeup), so I of course had to bring it back this year as a staple in my purse. 

05. Dolce K by Kylie CosmeticsDefinitely an unexpected addition to my favorites, that's for sure. But in good reason! So I've steered away from purchasing pretty much anything product-celebrity related in my entire life, as I know how crappy most of those products turn out to be (and certainly any Kylie Lip Kit would stay on that list as far as I was concerned) but recently I thought I'd bite the bullet and try out one of the shades I had been eyeing from Kylie's line. And surprisingly, I'm pretty impressed. The formula is certainly not as drying as I expected (I thought the consistency would dry more like the Colourpop Lip Matte as many of the ingredients are the same), it is actually noticeably better. Plus I'm all for a good smelling lip product, and this gets an A++ in that department with it's hint of caramel and vanilla scent. Much to my surprise, I'm really loving this. 

06. Korres Velvet Orris Violet White Pepper Eau De ToiletteIt took me all of a couple of seconds to fall in love with this perfume/body spray. The scent is not too sweet but not too musky.. and I use it just about every day (mainly because I'm simply addicted to it!). Definitely a brilliant pick if you're looking for something in between sweet and savory.

07. LUSH ButterballIt's been a while since I've included a bath bomb in my favorites, so when I had this one handy, I knew it would be prime opportunity. I've always been a fan of Lush's pretty bath soaps and bombs, and Butterball has to be one of my absolute favorites. Not only do I love the creamy vanilla scent, its cocoa buttered inside is simply to die for. OBSESSED. 

08. Caviar Multi Vitamin Repair SprayI got a nice little sample of this in one of my last VIB Rouge boxes (yikes, I do buy that much at Sephora), and I've been reaching for it non-stop before I blow dry my hair out. It smells luscious and I have seen a noticeable strength in my hair over the past few weeks because of it. Needless to say,  #impressed yet again. 

09. June Lala Shop Favorite  'College' Baseball HatHow cutieeeeee is this baby? So obsessed with this white baseball topper, and I've been obsessed with throwing this in my beach/pool bag all month. I love that font (if you couldn't tell already..) and the baby pink is just gorgeous on the stark white. See more Lala merch here!


"She sat like patience on a monument, smiling at grief"

[Twelfth Night 2.4]

Cheers, xoxo - A