March 2016 might have just been the best month yet. Why, you say? Because the Lala shop launched, DUH! I just wanted to take this time to say that I'm so incredibly grateful to have been a part of designing something so special.. it's literally so cool to see girls (both Lala contributors and readers) love these products as much as we do. Stay tuned y'allll, this is just the beginning. With that being said, here's everything else I've been loving this past month. 

01. Kat Von D. FoundationI know, I knowwwwww. I just went against one of my own biblical skin-care rules (peep no. 6 in this article). But I decided to branch out to something a little more matte because as the sun is starting to make it's full fledged appearance, so is the oil build up on my face (ugh, combination skin). I snagged a sample of this foundation recently, and liked it so much that I went back for the full size. I use very little of it (one pump!) and it goes a long way, not to mention, even the lightest use of this offers really great full coverage. As my first official branch out of using a daily foundation, this is a pretty good one. I do intend on still sticking to tinted moisturizer on some days, but this is a great alternative (I also like mixing them together to ensure that SPF coverage). 

02. Makeup Forever Ultra HD Concealer- With that foundation switcharoo, so comes a little switch of my concealer. After running out of my full-cover MF concealer (which I love dearly), I decided to try their newer formula. I find this one to be a little lighter than the other, but still impactful enough in that it covers up just about anything with a few swipes. 

03. Mac Velvetstone Brow PencilMarch's theme is certainly switching up my basics. I also decided to try out a different eye pencil (even though, all hail Anastasia no matter what), and I actually really like it. I already love Mac pencils/kohls so it was an easy transition in that sense I love how soft the tip is, as well as the pigmentation. Really a great pencil for super dark eyebrows.


04. Colourpop Mixed TapeThe perfect spring smoke. I'm loving the gunmentally gorgeous purple-taupe of this shadow for a deepened crease or under eye finish. This is actually the first Colourpop matte shadow that I've ever purchased (I've only got the shimmery shades), and I'm really impressed with it's pigment-like form. I'd say that these shadows are great dupes for Mac pigments, just in a bit more of a solid form. 

05. Amsterdam Matte Lip Cream by NYX CosmeticsI'd just like to say that NYX seems to be the first brand (that I remember, at least) who came out with the liquid matte lip creams. I think I got my first one of these around the end of my senior year of high school (nearly four years ago) and I remember falling in love with the consistency and concept. Now that these matte lip creams seem to be all over the place, I broke a few of these older ones out and recalled how much I loved them back in the day. This one is a beautiful magenta-red that stays put and is really impressive for NYX I'd say.. it's a great dupe for pretty much any similar color and style you'd see at Sephora. 

06. PHYTHÉOL Dry Hair ShampooSo I recently chopped my locks just below the shoulder (I really cannot go shorter than that in my personal opinion)... and while sitting in the salon chair, I was recommended this product. As the warmer days approach, I mentioned that so does the build up of oil on my face, but call it three times the charm also does the build up of oil in my hair. You thoroughly wash with this baby two-to-three times a week, and it's meant to dry up those follicles to prevent too much shine (like, the not-cute-greasy kind). I've literally used this about three times in the past week.. and I already have had some noticeable changes in my hair. Really really love what it's done so far, and I look forward to seeing even more improvement as the summer comes. High recommendation for this one. 

07. the Lala 'Get It Girl' Notebook Set- You didn't think I'd finish this post without including a product from the Lala shop, did you? (Also I'll probably do one of these for every month from now through eternity, fair warning). But seriously guys HOW CUTE IS THIS?! I'm always in the need of notebooks for various different things, and I absolutely HATE anything spiral bound (#sorrynotsorry), so this one is absolutely perfect, not to mention, is excellently designed and most importantly, (because God forbid!) matches my Instagram theme. To see more cute things that you need to buy like yesterday from the Lala shop, click here.

"They have been at a great feast of languages, and stol'n the scraps.” [Loves Labours Lost 5.1]

Happy April & cheers to it finally being spring.

Cheers, xoxoxo - A