May 2016. This month has been written in my various planners for four years. It's been an exciting date to look forward to, but also an extremely horrifying one at that. It is May 2016 that was my college graduation month. And just like that, through all the anticipation, happiness and dreadful tears, it's over. What a beautiful four years of college it's been, and I can't wait to see what's next in store. On that note, here's the products I've been loving this past month:

01) Milk Makeup Cooling WaterCAN YOU SAY OBSESSED? I had read about this product in Harper's BAZAAR in Hailee Steinfeld's beauty favorites spread, and wanted to try it out since it looked a little odd. It's called "Cooling Water," so I assumed it was a moisturizer stick of some sort, and when I finally got my hands on one early this month, I haven't turned back to cream moisturizer once. What a makeup-forward product! Truly from the future, Milk Cooling Water is a cooling moisturizer stick that reduces swelling and any irritation on the face. It's simply magical and this is certainly going to be a go-to for this summer. 

02) Youth To The People Kale + Tripeptide 37 Vitamin C Hyaluronic AcidThis age-preventing and brightening serum has only been in my beauty/skincare collection for a month, but it's made its way to the top ten of skincare products I own in that short period of time. I've been using this oil at night during the past couple of weeks and I've noticed a massive difference in the brightness/ elasticity of my skin. Plus, it's vegan! LOVE.

03) Too Faced Shadow InsuranceAn oldie, but goodie! I'm going to start adding throwback products to my monthly favorites (ones that are tried and true, and I use just about every day). This would be one! By far my favorite eye primer on the market (+ only $18 dollars!), Too Faced Shadown Insurance is the creamiest and best working eye primer I've ever used. It's a must-have staple. 

04) Cherry Balm Dot Com by GlossierGuys. I cannot get enough of this product. I'm already a massive fan of Glossier and it's balm dot com's, so when I heard that a cherry flavor had been introduced to it's collection, I went absolutely nuts with a trillion high-expectations. And guess what? This product lives up to every single one. I like to apply this every night and throw it in my bag for day-time use. Obsessed. 


05) Bleached Out Beige Shadow Stick by MacIf you know my makeup habits, you know that I'm obsessed with cream eyeshadows and paint pots. That's why these pro-longwear waterproof colour sticks would be my new best friends for summer 2016. Perfect for swiping on while on a trip to the beach (if you don't want to go totally makeup-less), these babies are so easy to apply and throw in your bag for a day in the sun and on the water. 

06) Jello Color Kit by 22 ChosungahLike Milk's Cooling Water, this is another product straight out of the year 2030. These bouncy eyeshadow are insanely pigmented, and I've been loving the middle few colors for everyday sparkly eye shadows. The texture of these darlings are out of this world, and their long-wear power is even more impressive. 


08) Queen B Melted Matte by Too Faced CosmeticsThree words. Thank you Lindsey. For introducing me to these. I've briefly dipped my toes in the melted-matte land, with favorites from Colourpop and Maybelline. But this texture from Too Faced is probably my favorite, with easy, smooth application and a non-drying out formula. So comfortable to wear and so pigmented. Definitely investing in more of these. 

09) Anna Wintour Pin by Greenwich Letter PressHOW FREAKIN CUTE IS THIS GUYS? As part of a beautiful gift basket given to me by Miss Amanda for my graduation, this pin takes the fashion cake. Glad to be Anna Wintour approved ;) nuff' said. 

10) Unicorn Vibes Only Sign by The Lala ShopAs my Lala shop monthly favorite for May, it's only natural I choose perhaps the cutest addition to my room decor this month: this unicorn vibes only sign!! Made in true Brandy Melville fashion, this Lala-original weathered sign is perfect to give a whopping dose of personality to any room. IN LOVE. 

"Love like a shadow flies when substance love pursues, Pursuing that that flies, and flying what pursues." [Merry Wives of Windsor 5.1]

Cheers, xxoxo - A