Fun fact: the paper underneath these products is a fun newspaper movie print of the Grand Budapest Hotel, how cool right? Which brings me to share one of my major inspos when it comes to dressing: Wes Anderson! So much cool detail and color and cleverness... one of my main fashion principles is to dress like I'm either in a Wes Anderson movie or Ryan Murphy pilot. But I digress. September was a really beautiful month (it's my favorite month during the entire year.. because a) my birthday, and b) fashion week obviously). I was able to really shoot a lot of great things this past fashion month, explored my own personal brand even deeper, and helped creative direct some really freakin' cool upcoming Lala projects, including our brand new Youtube channel. What more could I ask for? Here goes the favorites of this past month...

1) Glossier Super BounceI think I found the secret to the fountain of youth guys, it's hyaluronic acid. I've been lately delving into serums (I spoke about one of my favorite ones from Youth to the People in one of my favorites round ups a few months ago), so when I heard Glossier was releasing some, I knew I had to try them out. The first one I picked up is Super Bounce, because I found that this one has a strong combo of elements that's reminiscent of my YTP serum, with an added vitamin B5. So far, I've been super impressed, and it's continued to pick up where my YTP serum left off, leaving my skin super glowing and tight everyday. I like to apply this after a swipe of my Milk Cooling Waterand following it up with Glossier's Priming Moisturizer

2) Makeup Forever Mattifying PrimerSo I've been in search (like on the hunt!) for a primer that keeps me matte all day. With the changing weather and my combination skin, I tend to shine up when the temperature fluctuates so I knew it was about time I really read up on what to get. I came across this product on a blog of an old Bachelor contestant from Ben's season (yes, lol guilty), and she noted that this kept her face super super matte on camera. I decided to take the plunge and buy it, and was actually really impressed with the results it really makes my makeup stick and stay dry throughout all hours from day to night. Would highly recommend for anyone with oily/combo skin, such a good find!

3) Colourpop NillionaireAn oldie but goodie for this month! I'm a huge fan of Colourpop shadows as you may know, and I always seem to find a new way of using them. This time around, I've been loving a little bit of this shadow foiled on my lower lashline into my tear duct, it just gives a nice warm sparkle to any fall eye look LOVE! 

4) Tom Ford Gold DustMy favorite new bronzer for fall! This powder is super light-weight, but still gives killer pigmentation for your contour. I love this particular shade because of it's shimmery gold sparkle that guarantees the coolest glow. Pro-tip, I also love using this with a Mac 168 brush, it really gets those perfect angles around your temple and cheekbones. 

5) Diorshow Mascara 778Fall has to not only be my favorite time of year because weather, clothes, food, Halloween, etc... it's definitely also my favorite time because... BURGUNDY MASCARA! Burgundy/ maroon/ wine are such big colors for this coming season, so weaving them in in unlikely ways makes for an absolutely glorious outcome. This burgundy from Dior just heightens any eye-look, and I'm just obsessed. 

6) Love Bite by Kylie Cosmetics- To continue on that maroon/wine/burgundy train, I also hopped on the bandwagon purchasing Love Bite. My only complaint would definitely have to be that it needs reapplication every couple of hours.. but for this gorgeous purpley-wine color, it's so worth it!

7) EOS Shave Cream Vanilla BlissAs a recent purchase, I knew I wanted to throw this in for all you dry-skinners out there as the weather is getting crisper. This baby keeps my legs super moisturized and never cracked, so I'd highly recommend if you're looking for something to smooth up with. 

8) White Pumpkins - Random favorite, but I recently bought a bunch of these baby pumpkins for my all new-white room, and they're just too cute, so had to share. 

9) Gonzo Platforms by Steve MaddenNot much to say here because, these shoes pretty much speak for themselves... but I'm obsessed and these will definitely be going dancing with me this weekend as I celebrate my 22nd!

"The robbed that smiles steals something from the thief, 

He robs himself that spends a bootless grief."

[Othello 1.3]


Cheers, xoxo -A