Legit though, this is probably what I would be wearing if I was a walk-on cameo in Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest, with a killer blush background to match. I've certainly paid homage to Anderson before on my blog, praising his clever use of color, impeccably witty scripts and swift camera shots. But his success also has to do with unexpected choices and textures, and that's an element I also tried to weave into this look.

I started with the basics: a simple, white turtleneck and these great light-wash ripped jeans from TopshopThe simplicity of these pointed to the question of, 'so what would unexpected element would my boy Wes go for to break up this look?' And not soon after, M.Gustave alarm bells went off as I stumbled upon this silky pink Griffin tank from Brandy Melville. Next, it totally wouldn't be Grand Budapest inspired without a coat- so I knew I had to go big and pick out this gorgeous camel coat from Topshop I got as a birthday gift. (Seriously, this is like one of my first grown up coats, and on a sidenote, I'm not a huge button person, so I love that this one has pretty gold snaps). Lastly, I popped on a white beanie also from Brandy and finished the look off with a black Marc Jacobs bag and a pair of my favorite pointy Jeffrey Campbell wedges to ground the look. 

It's about time someone take me to Wes' universe so I can live in his ridiculous kaleidoscope world. 

"He's of the colour of the nutmeg. And of the heat of the ginger...."

[Henry V 3.7]

Cheers, xx - A.Martine