I can't say that November's been a favorite month of mine in the past, but this year might have really changed my outlook on that statement. I did a ton this past month, from honing my photoshop skills (literally, I feel like a pro now), to focusing in more on my blog niche of 'stories', and enjoying the city despite the rain and cold. Also, I went to my first like real real basketball game at MSG (thank you @HeyitsLindseyy), and actually had fun, (me, basketball?, weird, right?! LOL).  November was also a month that I (quickly) got through a BBC series on Netflix called 'The Fall,' and I loved it so much that I'm watching it again. (I really have to like something to have it playing in my ear in the background over and over, so this is big). I wanted to bring it up here because-- for something as mundane as another show to watch on Netflix, it seriously gave me another perspective, and plus, it ain't so bad to stare at Jamie Dornan for +10 hours. It is a crime show, so there are a few murdered bodies, (I would definitely read about it first, if that's not your thing,) but if you love shows that are serial-killer centric, you'll love it. Not sure what particularly it was, but it hit me on a deep level. And any show that I can pull up on Netflix randomly with the ability to do that, is something to talk about. So other then that favorite, here's everything else I've been loving this month. 


01. Milk Makeup Highlighter in 'Lit' - A new addition to my highlighter collection this past month, but a definite favorite. This super-easy-to-use stick glides on really nicely and is excellently pigmented. It's a champagney-rose-gold finish which certainly was made to stand out on any skin tone, and its rollerball-ness is just super convenient to carry around in a travel bag or purse. If you're looking for a great every-day highlighter to add to your collection, this one is a really great buy. 

02) Mac Ever ElegantAh, so this one is discontinued (wah, wah), but Mac's Blue-Brown is a good dupe (it's slightly less red, but definitely has that metallic burgundy feel). I've had this baby for a long time, literally these crushed holiday pigments came out in 2012, YES, you read that right. But four years later, it's still going strong. They do say you should definitely go through your makeup and get rid of old products (which I have more than a few times,) but the beauty of pigments is that they're just that- pigments. So they last a pretty long time. (I would of course, get rid of any pigment that's color is fading or if it gets sticky/ seems abnormal, for the record.) I added this one to my favorites though because I've been using it as a sparkly lash line color -- it screams very 'November' to me, and that burnt red is just a gorgeous color around this time of year. 

03) Maybelline Spider Effect Mascara- I was always afraid they were going to create a mascara with the word 'spider' in it, and alas, they have. Luckily, they opted for just the web in design (THANK YOU MAYBELLINE TEAM, from all the arachnophobics out there, aka, me, for not putting a sketch of a spider on the tube). But despite me being terrified of what they named this mascara after, I'm quite impressed with it! At first, I wasn't sure to trust the oddly shaped brush (often, I think those are super gimmicky), but it so far has really lengthened my lashes with each use. It's a pretty well done drugstore mascara and I'd definitely pick it up again. 

04. Mac Persistence - An oldie but such a goodie! I knew I wanted to throw this lipstick in because I discovered it about a year and a half-ish ago, and I've recently seen it popping up as a dupe for a Kylie Lip Kit (I think for like one of her browns I assume). The magic of this lipstick is that it's not just pigmented in a way that makes it look like a matte liquid lipstick, it also has a lot of dimension that makes your lips look a little plumper. I've literally introduced this lipstick to so many of my friends that now wear it religiously, and I would absolutely recommend it in the same fashion to you all.  

05. Too Faced 'Drop Dead Red' - Speaking of matte liquid lipsticks, this is one of my new favorites in my collection! I've had a red like this before (the deep one by Tarte), but I found it to be extremely messy, literally it got EVERYWHERE, so I knew it was about time to switch up the brand. I'm a huge fan of the melted mattes by Too Faced, because their application is super nice, they stay on your lips despite pretty much anything, and they're super pigmented. Thanks to some inspo from Miss Lindz, I picked this one up and I absolutely love it. Another buy I would highly recommend. 


06) Calvin Klein Cotton Set, Top + Bottom - I finally gave in! Blame it on Black Friday. I actually am happy I got them discounted, but due to the comfort level of this set, I might go back for more. This is the basic heather grey boyshort and sports bra, and I love the classic cotton material and the original "CK" elastic bands. Just love these, 'nuff said. 

07. Candlefish Candle by Anthropologie - I can't find this exact one online, but I did find it in store and am in love with the ceramic holder + smell of this baby. I'm awful at describing scents but it smells very clean with a touch of sweetness which is nice, plus it looks strikingly cool. 

08) Design Lab Star Choker - If you don't know this already, I'm absolutely enthralled with chokers. I walked by this one and it literally stopped me in my tracks it was so pretty, and thanks to Black Friday, it was also on sale. I picked it up and I've already worn it out twice. Just love this. 

09) Diy'ed Sam Edelman's - This one is a sneak peek to a killer DIY coming to the Lala's Facebook Page. I won't give it away so stay tuned, but let's just say I'm super obsessed with how they came out.

♡ Here's to the holiday season! 

“No profit grows where is no pleasure ta'en”

[Taming of the Shrew 1.1]

Cheers, xx - A. Martine