Moulin Rouge has been one of my favorite theater-adapted movies of all time — between its colorful direction by Baz Luhrmann all the way down to Nicole Kidman’s wardrobe. That’s why, when I traveled to Paris this past month, I knew I had to splurge and book some tickets to the real show in Monmartre — an artsy town about twenty minutes away from the center of the city. There, Sean brought me on a walk by the Love Wall of Paris — (which, FYI, for someone who likes to think I have a good sense of all Instagrammable locales, I hadn’t even heard of it!), we dined at a cute pizza spot called Bijou, and headed to the 11PM show.

The venue itself is pretty much everything you’d expect — a massive auditorium filled with waiters in tuxes and little tables with red-shaded lamps. The atmosphere was pretty magical.. and the show definitely didn’t disappoint. Knowing we’d be heading there, I wanted a memorable one-of-a-kind outfit that you wouldn’t find anywhere else — so I ordered this superdown Alice Off The Shoulder dress from Revolve right before we left. I love this dress because the material is luxe, the pattern is super fun and it stood out amongst the crowd. I paired it with a slick leather jacket and strappy black heels. It was the perfect outfit — and — the perfect evening.

I know I usually close out with a Shakes quote — but I feel its only appropriate to close out with a Moulin quote this time around.

“The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”


Cheers, xx - A. Martine