Cannot get over how aesthetically pleasing my favorites are this month^^, amirite? April was such a whirlwind, and it's certainly wild that I graduate in 22 days (believe me, I've tried to wrap my head around this fact so many times and it still hasn't hit me). It's been a  month that really has made me reflect on my past four years at school.. and how much I've changed since I first got here.. or as I'd hope to call it: how much better my fashion styling and makeup applying skills have gotten since I've got here (lol.) But it's not goodbye, of course.. it will certainly be a see you later to all of the indescribably impactful beings that I've met here (yeah, I'm referencing a creepy Disney quote that Lindz would love). But I'm really looking forward to starting my post-grad endeavors, and more importantly excited to actually start a new one of my "lives," in this grand old scheme. I'm also really going to be focusing on my blog a lot more (FINALLY) and really give it the attention it deserves, so stay tuned for some exciting collabs + updates on that. Anyways. Enough with my rant. Let's get into the products I've been die-hard about this month.


01. Glossier Phase 2 Stretch ConcealerWhat a beautiful brand this is. And the addition of a fresh-faced line from Phase 2 has been such a cherry on top. I was able to get my hands on this concealer about a month ago, and I'm absolutely floored about how natural and light it is. It's far from most of the cakier concealers I've used in the past, but is still buildable enough to have a ton of coverage which I really appreciate. I can already tell this is going to be my go-to summer/beach concealer for the coming months. 

02. Mally Beauty Foundation BrushSo I've always been skeptical of applying foundations with brushes because of A) the apparent "bacteria" breeding factor (always an issue with brushes) and B) the fact that it's more likely to have this bacteria build up if you're applying a wet makeup product like a foundation. To be honest, I'm really not sure how accurately true either of those points are but I was still always hesitant. But of course, little did I know how much I was missing out on when it came to application. I've been using this brush for a few weeks now (with constant washing because of my paranoia) and I have to say, I never thought I'd say this, but I'm really loving it. The flat top is also excellent for foundation and easier to use when buffing, so I definitely prefer that over any flat-brush one. A few thumbs up for me for sure.. I'm impressed.  

03. Physician's Formula Bronze BoosterI'm also the type of person who's very skeptical of bronzers.. mainly because I don't think they give enough bang for their buck. That's why I usually stick to my few favorites from Benefit and NARS, so again, this was a big try for me to say the least (especially since it's a drugstore formula). But I looooooooooooove this. It has gold components which aren't too crazy shimmery which I love, and the pigmentation is wild. Such a great find, this will be my go-to bronzer for this summer, I'm sure of it. 

04) KORRES Mocha Brown and 02 LinerMove over MAC, these dupes are about to take you over. I got my hands on this lip combo from an extra sample lying around at my internship, and I'm so glad I did. Easily a dupe for Mac's Taupe/Persistence and comparable pencils, this combo creates a gorgeous Kylie-looking neutral lip, and I've been so obsessed with it lately. 

05) Mac Dej Loaf - Can we take a moment to hysterically laugh at the fact that I thought this color was called "Deli Loaf" before I looked it up online. Either I'm losing my farsight, or I'm just silly, and it's probably a bit of both. Either way, I'm obsessed with this gloss. Somehow, lip gloss has resurrected and with that, I can finally use a lot of the useless glosses I've collected throughout the past couple of years. Mac's glosses I think will always be my favorite because not only do they smell like gorgeous vanilla extract, they last for hours upon hours. Obsessed with this shade though, I love wearing it over Mac's Taupe lipstick. 

06) First Aid Beauty Bouncy Mask- First off, I am loving the pale pink packaging of this (such a refreshing take away from the blue). If you've read any of my skincare archives on the Lala, you'll know that I'm all for gentle masks-- nothing too crazy or harsh. This is a perfect example of exactly what I was talking about. This 10 minute mask is super light and very effective. I did it a couple of nights ago, and my skin still feels soft and calm. That's the kind of outcome a mask should have. Well done, FAB. 

07) Rituals Cherry Blossom Body SprayI have been on the hunt for a good body spray for months now. And I'm talking, something that veers away from the typical Victoria's Secret nonsense (as much as I love some of their scents, #srynotsry). Lo and behold, there she is. I decided to try out this body spray from Rituals, because not only do I love cherry blossom scented things, the packaging is on point... yes, I am guilty of buying things because of they aesthetically look. I will admit it. Sometimes it doesn't always work out.. but when it does, it's pretty amazing. And I lucked out with this one, the product matches the packaging BY LIGHTYEARS! It smells wicked good and I really can't get enough. 

08) the Lala Shop HatTo continue my tradition of now choosing a favorite monthly product from the shop for you guys, next up is this hat! If you know me, you know that I am not a baseball hat kind of girl (never was), but if there's any team I'd rep, it'd be the Lala in style. This black hat is super cute, comfy and really perfect to throw on on any sunny spring day. OBSESSED.

"We are such stuff, as dreams are made on" [The Tempest 4.1]

Happy MAY!

Cheers, xoxoox - A