April fashion goes one of two ways: light, airy, and chic, or dark, heavy and covered up. One of those, of course, is for the out-of-nowhere 90 degree days, and the other is for when, it's well freezing rain (really not a fan of April showers). With this look, I decided to play with a bunch of different light-white colorsfrom stark white, to ecru and seersucker light blue. I started with this pretty peasant-y top from Free Peopleand popped on a long whiter waistcoat from Zara. To keep the light feel but still compliment the look with some structure, I added these seersucker jeans from Bullhead & Co

Accessories were fun to play with for this one. First, I wanted to totally offset all of the white going on with a nice cherry magenta red: Amsterdam by NYXNext, I wanted to add a shoe that totally contrasted the clothing as well, but still had a tinge of white detailthese Steven Madden NYLEE's did just the trick. Finally, I popped on my classic bag and glasses to finish the ensemble.

♡ Photos by Avery Bart

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." [Romeo + Juliet 2.2]

Cheers, xoxoox - A