Although briefly mentioned before in my September favoritesone of my fashion philosophies is as stands: go about my day to day, dressing as if I were a character in a Ryan Murphy pilot. Sounds silly maybe? Oh yeah, it's ridiculous. But what a cool way to think about fashion and these universes that Murphy has created in shows like American Horror Story and Scream Queens. For my next Halloween-inspired look, I took a hint from the Chanels (bless), and thought up my own version that actually proves to be pretty wearable. (On a sidenote, Karl Lagerfeld is probably cringing at the fact that this American TV show is giving a bizarre connotation to the name of Coco's fashion house, lol....but I digress..).

I call this look my own version because I kept the colors minimalistic and dark (typically like the rest of my wardrobe), mostly because, you won't see me galavanting around in pink pom poms quite like the Chanels, so this is my mod, dark, fall version. It all starts with this dress. I purchased it around Halloween last year from American Apparel, (it's on sale right now so I suggest you take a gander), and I'm so enthralled by the softness of the fabric and the sharp-edge cuts a quality I thought fit very well into the Scream Queens inspired fashion sense. Plus, it's crazy comfortable, so I would highly recommend checking this style out if you need a dress for your costume this year. Next, it wouldn't be a Chanel- inspired look without knee socks! These socks are from Free Peopleand they're super warm and excellent for transition weather to throw on with a skirt or dress and eliminate having to wear, dare I say, stockings.... Next, I added this maroony-gold vintage jacket (shoulderpads and all, thanks mom), and a maroon choker courtesy of PacsunAnd finally, this look would be no where near complete without these amazing, I repeat, AMAZING Zara sandalsI actually spotted them on Miss Molly, creative director of the Lalaand couldn't resist getting a pair myself. Needless to say, I think this is an outfit that even Chanel would kill for. (Yay, puns).

♡ Photos by Lindsey Marie Whalen 

"O villain, villain, smiling, damned villain!"

[Hamlet 1.5]

Cheers, xx - A