Unless you've been kidnapped and placed under captivity for a government science experiment, you may have heard of a little Netflix show from this summer, called Stranger Things. Like almost everyone else, I, too, binged the series in about a day, and fell in love with the 1983 Indiana set and costumes. I wanted to do a post that captured that super 80's feminine vibe from Stranger Things, (without buzzing my head like Eleven, sorry not sorry) so I decided to go the Nancy Wheeler route and give you guys my interpretation of her style. And on a sidenote, I not only like the show because everyone does, I like it because it's such an ode to my boy, Stephen King's work, (the parallels are so uncanny they most likely are deliberate, so bless).  

I started this look with this glorious, G- L- O- R- I- O- U- S, that is, top from Topshop. Guys, I LIVE for finding really outstanding and unique pieces like this. It's a gorgeous off-white-knit Victorian style blouse, that's super comfy and simply eye-catching plus I can totally see Nancy sporting this to a family Christmas party. Next, to capture that 80's vibe even more, I knew I had to go with something corduroy, so I chose this brown button down skirt from Brandy Melville to really ground the look. Next, I decided to keep it super simple but detailed with black accessories: black suede Jeffrey Campbell wedges, a black Marc Jacobs shoulder bag, this killer ASOS double buckle belt (quite reminiscent of 1983 Indiana, I'd say), and finally, a sleek black ribbon tied around a low pony. Maybe not the ideal outfit to go monster-hunting in, but I think Ms. Wheeler would dig it.

♡ Photos by Avery Bart 

"Light, seeking light, doth light of light beguile; so ere you find where light in darkness lies, your light grows dark by losing of your eyes."  [Love's Labour's Lost 1.7] 

Cheers, xoxox - A