It wouldn't be a true halloween-inspired fashion month without taking a hint from the king of halloween (and overall everything), Tim Burton. Ever since I was little, I couldn't get enough of his work, and that remains true to this day. I chose this look inspired by the Nightmare Before Christmas, referencing its incredible blacklight scenes. Bring in the neon devils and dancing black and whites....

I started with these PANTS, which are so cool that they deserve to be referred to in upper-case forever (sorry, not sorry). I got my hands on these a while ago at Zara, and they've actually spent most of their life in my closet awaiting the day I brought them to the tailor to get them hemmed. Finally, I did, (thank god), and I can't get enough of them for fall/winter. They were pretty long so I would definitely recommend getting them hemmed if you're a smurf, like myself. Next, as it's been cold and rainy in NYC, I paired these flares with a Free People knit turtleneck (one of the warmest and coziest pieces I own!) and decided to go all out with a long black coat I got a while back at Forever 21. Last but definitely, not least, it wouldn't be a true Tim-inspired outfit without a whacky parasol umbrella- amirite?

I got this really pretty black and white parasol for Christmas last year (yes, my parents know I'm crazy enough to actually walk around with it), and HOW COOL is it! Definitely a head turner and I really do feel like Ms. Lovett on her beach strolls. 

Photos by Avery Bart

"The miserable have no other medicine but only hope"

[Measure for Measure 3.1]

Cheers, xxoxoxox - A.Martine