Ah, so sad to see one of my favorite months fly by. But it was an excellent one, at that. Getting to produce some really cool and spooky Halloween videos for the Lala was pretty awesome (check them out here, here, and here). Halloweeny beauty favorites are probably by far the most interesting to me, mainly because of the versatility and imagination put into them. Here are some of the beauty products and miscellaneous style things I've been OBSESSED with this month...

01. Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing OilGot this as a lovely perk (thanks Sephora!) and I'm really impressed. If you've been reading my blog for the past couple of months, you'll know I've got a new addiction to oils and serums (cue Youth to the People and Glossier), so it was a no-brainer to give this one a try. It has really excellent consistency (not sticky), and it smells really great. A+, and will certainly be looking to purchase the full size as the weather gets colder.

02. Urban Decay NAKED Ultimate BasicsFunny enough, I hadn't heard much of this product in general (not sure why, because I think it's been doing rather well). I actually just stumbled upon it when I was in Sephora, and was able to splurge for it thanks to some beauty gift cards I got for my birthday. I'm already a fan of UD's shadows, but what drew me to this particular palette immediately was definitely its colors. Gorgeous mauves, burgundys, and burnt orange? I haven't gone one day without wearing this palette since the day I bought it. EXCELLENT for fall/winter, I'd say.

03. Mac Glitter in Reflects Bronze- Oldie, but goodie product of the month. I got this way back when in a holiday set, but always find myself going back to it around this time of year (and there's still PLENTY left). It just screams fall and holiday to me, which I love. 

04. NYX Super Fat Eye MarkerOkay, so this one I wouldn't normally use- because I have a weird affinity against liquid liner (GEL FTW), but I picked this up for a Lala Pop Art Halloween Tutorial, and I'm actually pretty impressed. It's great if you like thick, liquid eyeliners, but even better for Halloween makeup. Would definitely recommend for a beginner's kit. 

05. Ardell 101 Demi LashesAnother Halloween treat, these are my favorite go-to lashes for dramatic looks. Super cheap, easy to apply, and really add an awesome amount of volume to any eye look. 

06. Mac Rocky Horror Crazed Imagination- You know I can't go all October without mentioning RHPS on my blog, and this blush! This browny-pink mauve is just glorious for fall, and really great for costume makeup as well if you pack it on (it's SUPER pigmented- just the way Dr. Frank-n-Furter would like it). 

07. Benefit Moon Beam- Pretty sure I haven't shut up about this ever on my blog, but thought I'd throw it in with the Halloweeny theme. One of my all-time favorite highlighters ever to exist, and always will be.

08. Kylie Cosmetics "Pumpkin"- Yep, I have become one of those crazies who waits for 3 PST to snag one of these. I regret nothing. Ha, but really, I've been looking for a nice orangey-brown, and I thought Pumpkin would do the trick, and it has! I really love it and would highly recommend if you're looking for a similar color.

09. Skeleton Hand- Random, but had to throw it in cause it's so freakin' cool looking. Learn how to DIY this on the Lala here.

10. Vintage Maroon Silk Choker/ Neck Scarf- I stole this from my mother last year, and it's become one of my favorite chokers to throw on. Bonus? It serves as a mini scarf to cover your neck from the cold. Brilliant.

"When clouds appear, wise men put on their cloaks; When great leaves fall, the winter is at hand; When the sun sets, who doth not look for night?"

[Richard III 2.3]

Cheers, xoxoox - A.Martine

♡♡♡ PS: HOPE YOU LIKE #KILLERQUEEN 'S facelift, it's been long overdue ♡♡♡♡♡