There's an excellent book by the writer of Gone Girl, (looking at you, Gillian Flynn) called Dark Places. It's of course very apropos to it's title -- dark, damask and chock full of a satanic-cult that murders people. (Sounds fun right?!)  But there's an over-arching theme of self-discovery through all the horror, and I thought that was a very appropriate and relevant message for IRL right now. Of course, protagonist Libby Day suffers through near death hell (after all, her brother is assumed to be an axe murderer and devil worshipper), but what's interesting is she's forced to face her past, and her present, in order to even get close to the future. With this in mind, I went dark for this ensemble, with a pop of burgundy, to remind us of that constant flicker of humanity. 

I started with these wonderful wonderful jeans, (I don't think I've showcased them on KQ yet, so yay). They're a nicely flared cut from Free People that fit me so nicely only because I got them tailored to my 5 foot 1 body with a heel (love FP, but everything there is made for giants). Up top, I paired them with an Urban Outfitters dress I got a while back, (yes ladies + gents, it's a dress!) and cinched in the waist with one of my favorite belts I own, this Double Buckle Belt from ASOS (if you haven't got this yet I suggest you do this coming black friday, it's worth every penny!) And finally, finished off the look with a vintage patterned burgundy neck scarf I tied into a choker, a vintage burgundy bag, and my wine-colored boots from Lolashoetique!  My lip color is Drop Dead Red by Too Faced

"Light, seeking light, doth light of light beguile;

So ere you find where light in darkness lies,

Your light grows dark by losing of your eyes."

[Love's Labour's Lost 1.1]

Cheers, xxxx

- A. Martine

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