Ah, another excellent company to tack on to the "hypnotizing brands" list: Milk Makeup. Inspired by, what they refer to themselves as, social hubs in New York + L.A, Milk Makeup draws out the edge of Milk Magazine and the modernity of Milk Studios into one makeup brand that truly encompasses a Milk lifestyle. 

I've had the privilege of attending more than one Milk event in the past, from runways to fashion technology events, and each time, I'm always left feeling a little cooler. But it wasn't just my bias that made me want to try their makeup -- it was more so the brand's knack for innovation.

If there's anything Milk has brought into the makeup world flawlessly, it would be their rollerball technology (and we're talking more than just lame perfume balls here). The first product that caught my attention from Milk was it's Cooling Wateran azure solid gel stick that promised to moisturize as well as a mist of water. I had to see if this was for real.

And, it was. Gliding on super nicely at a low temperature, I've used it everyday to cool down my face after I wash up each morning. It seriously, seriously works. A stick of water? How, undoubtedly novice, but extremely innovative. And that's when I learned that Milk was not here just to dabble in the makeup industry- it was here to stay. My last tried and true test was Milk's shimmery bronzey-gold highlighter, aptly named "Lit." It would surpass all of my highlighting dreams: creamy enough to blend nicely into the skin, but robust enough to reveal that perfect glimmer of shine when light fell upon it.

Proceed cautiously with Milk here, because it's going to be addicting.

"Can one desire too much of a good thing?"

[As You Like It, 4.1]  

Cheers, xx

- A.Martine


Close ups of Milk's Lit + Cooling Water magic ::