I can't possibly showcase a red-toned slip dress without referencing a bit of Baz Lurhmann's Moulin Rouge. It's a film renowned for it's electric story, catchy song reinventions and breath-taking costumes (my favorite part). Above all, Moulin Rouge's surrealism prevails -- objects in the film tend to redefine themselves, whether it's Satine's elephant-shaped love hut, or The Duke's stainglass-clad "Like a Virgin," dinner party. Lurhmann's piece is bizarre, and strange, and simply beautiful in every possible way because it constantly makes you question everything about it, while still allowing you to trust the protagonists (despite how kooky they are). I thought this look was an appropriate take of "Nature Boy" for this reason precisely, a reinvention of these clothes worn in ways you wouldn't have guessed -- yet, they still are deemed trustworthy. 

I started with of course, this red- rose slip dress courtesy of Urban Outfitters, which is soooo reminscent of Lurhmann's movie, as it nearly appears to be stolen from a Lady Marmelade dancer. Instead of wearing it as a dress (which, I will show at some point on this blog because I love this piece so much), I decided to tuck it in this thrifted Levi's light-wash denim skirt, over a long-sleeve v-neck top I got from UO a little while ago as well. The silhouette definitely proves to be out of the box, just the way I like it (and a way Harold Zidler would appreciate, I'm sure). Finally, I wanted to continue on this theme of the unexpected, so I added a burgundy-maroon vintage clutch, and my Rebel Touch boots from LolashoetiqueMy complimentary choker is snagged from Pacsun, and I know I'll get the question so I'll just answer it: yes, my lip color is Kylie Cosmetic's Pumpkin

If you need me, I'll be wasting my life at the Moulin Rouge. (Kudos to anyone who gets all these ridiculous references).

“The stroke of death is as a lovers pinch,

Which hurts and is desired”

[Antony + Cleopatra 5.5]

Cheers, xxx - A.Martine