Surprise surprise, with a new layout for my blog, I only found it appropriate to produce a little more beauty and fashion content to add into the mix every week. One type of series that I wanted to add, and now have added, is hypnotizing brands. It's a topic that we all are drawn to today, particularly in the fashion and beauty industries. This column is going to be about what makes a brand successful, their actual products, their perks, or (as silly as it sounds), their instagrams?! Business has drastically changed in the past decade, it's moved away from just focusing on selling a product to selling an experience -- one that you get when you not only use that serum, or that palette, or wear that bomber jacket -- one that you get when you log onto your personal twitter, instagram, and snapchat as well. So, here's to tracking that shift, and celebrating up and coming brands that have mastered the balance excellently so far. 


It's only natural to start with a brand that has changed the game on social media and IRL in utmost perfection: Glossier

I first discovered them through friends and colleagues, while interning, etc. I think the first product to capture my attention was the Coconut Balm Dot Com, a pretty triangular packaged tube that made any other ointment look like a ghastly prop in a horror film. And that's where I fell in love on the surface -- the packaging was practical enough for daily use, but attractive enough to get one hundred likes on instagram. It was and still is perfection because Glossier hasn't wavered once -- they've always remained true to their brand, aesthetic and who they are. 

But it wasn't until I actually tried the products that I truly fell in love. As a firm believer in gentle skincare (and special thanks to my dead-horse beating dermatologist on ingredients), this was certainly the type of skincare for me: soft, gentle, and refreshing. No harsh exfoliants, no un-pronounceable ingredients. Instead, clean consistencies and natural names. Not to mention, not once, did Glossier products irritate my skin.. a rarity to those of us blessed with a sensitive/combination complexion. 

So here's my verdict. Glossier is successful because of two reasons. One, it is absolutely clear that they place a lot of attention and detail on the outside (aesthetics) and inside (ingredients). And two, perhaps most importantly, they have been able to create a brand that makes customers feel good about themselves.

And therein lies the magic of a good beauty and skincare brand.

Between Glossier's gorgeous and diverse campaigns and their "IRL" motto, they've been able to take the intimidation out of beauty and skincare products. They've not only made their products accessible to an online aesthetic obsessed beauty guru (like myself), they've given their customers the skincare and beauty aid they deserve. And that's certainly something to celebrate.

"Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind."

[Midsummer Night's Dream 1.1]

Cheers, xx

- A. Martine


My favorite Glossier products to this date:

01. Priming Moisturizer // 02. Milky Jelly // 03. Super Bounce // 04. Cherry and Coconut Balm Dot Com