While most kids grew up listening to the soundtrack of How The Grinch Stole Christmas looking to hear the classic (and unintelligible, sorry, not sorry) Who-ville song, I was the kid listening for Boris Karloff. Seriously though, a guy who played Frankenstein AND narrated the Grinch? I'd say I was a little fangirl of his at the ripe age of 7. But if you think about it... without Karloff's haunting voice, Christmas just wouldn't be the same. And without the Grinch, Christmas also wouldn't be the same. So I decided to whip out the only (YES, only) light green colored item I own (this awesome vintage sweater my great aunt made), to pay a little homage to that story so near and dear to us, and to my man Karloff for slaying that cartoon narration.

When I wear big chunky sweaters, it's usually over a pair of skinny pants, but I wanted to switch that up and show a more dynamic look with a pair of Zara silk black shorts. Of course, I also threw some sheer black tights underneath, and tucked the sweater over them -- almost like a dress. I wanted to capture the slight edginess of the cartoon, so I knew it would be complete with a tough moto jacket from Topshop and my favorite Doc Marten boots. After all, this edginess seems quite familiar -- a story of a rebel who goes against the town's tradition. And what would Shakespeare say to that? This probably:

"Unthread the rude eye of rebellion
And welcome home again discarded faith."

[King John 5.4]

Cheers, xxx - A.Martine

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