If there's anything I have way too much of in my beauty collection, it's lipsticks, matte lip creams and glosses. I'm not even kidding though, I could probably open up a small Etsy shop selling lipsticks I have that I've never used (that's another thing I have a lot of, makeup I got from previous internships that has remained untouched so far). I also have to admit, though, that lipsticks are one of my favorite parts of the made-up face. Eyeshadow and liner are also really fun, but with lipsticks, you can change an entire look with the swipe of one color. And for that versatility, they'll probably always be my favorite makeup item to try on and buy. Today, I wanted to round up my top eight choices for this coming holiday season, so that you guys know exactly what to reach for while getting ready for your next holiday bash. Or, if you're looking for some quick lippie stocking stuffers, any of these also work wonderfully for that. Without further ado, let's get started. (And quick key: these are all different price ranges and are broken down by color, lightest on top, darkest on bottom). 

Iridescents and glitter


01. Dior Addict Lipgloss in Etoilee 013So when building this list, I actually wanted to pick all products that were available, but unfortunately realized that this one is no longer online except on here and here. I still decided to keep it on the list though, because it's such a gorgeous iridescent gold that I couldn't resist, and it gives you a great color concept of what to look for if you want a shimmery, dewey gold lip for your next soiree. While more beige in tone, I think Mac's Myth lip glass makes for a descent dupe of this, as it reflects the same kind of glistery gold. 

02. Stila Lip Glaze in KittenSuch an oldie, but goodie! With the resurgence of glittery glosses thanks to the Kardashians (I mean, it's true), I can't believe that I haven't seen a resurrection of this gloss yet. This is probably one of my favorite glosses I own, because not only is the pigmentation and shimmer absolutely glorious, it really gives a nice warmth to your makeup and compliments every skin tone. Seriously, this is the perfect deep peachy glitter gloss and I think it'll be such a hot color to sport this season. 

nudes and browns

03. NYX Matte Lip Cream in "London"I like to call the NYX matte lip creams the legit origin of matte liquid lipsticks, just because, I've owned these babies for a long time and they were definitely the first of their kind. This one, though, I recently picked up, and I'm uber obsessed with it's light browny nude shade for this coming winter season. It has a nice pink undertone as well which definitely shines through, and I'd highly recommend this for any stark matte nude lip you're looking to achieve.

04. Colourpop Lippie in 'Hollywood BLVD'First off, no one should ever pass off any Colourpop product because most of them are $5-$7. Second of all, no one should ever pass off this lippie stick, because not only is it just $5, it's a gorgeous deep brown that could rival a Kylie lip kit any day. It's highly pigmented and a really great brown shade -- with a little red undertone -- that makes it even more gorgeous for this holiday season. Definitely a must-have. 

true Reds

05. Sephora Matte Cream Lip Stain in 'Always Red' Bless this product though. This will ALWAYS be one of my favorite red lips ever. It's that perfect, poppy christmas red that you just can't get enough of, and it simply is magical for every complexion. Plus, this stuff does NOT budge. I've worn it day and night, while eating, while drinking, and this won't move an inch. It's super clean, not messy at all, and simply just the perfect red lip anyone could ever want, hands down. 

06. Kylie Cosmetics "Naughty" Gloss- Of course, as soon as I put this up, it's no longer available on her site (which is probably a good test of how the product truly is!) I spoke about this gloss in Lindsey and my Black Friday Haul video (watch it here!) -- and I spoke about how this color does come off a little pink and is a little messy (probably my only two complaints). I did throw it into this batch of products, however, because when applied, this gloss is really true to the color in it's bottle, and I'm actually very impressed by its powerful pigmentation. Something like NYX's Plush Red could serve as a dupe for this one as well, as you probably can't get your hands on this yet, but we'll all hope for the Christmas miracle that this restocks.

Purples and maroons

07. Mac Retro Matte Lipstick in "Oh Lady"Ah, a gorgeous purple with a little red undertone. I will be blunt: at first, this color is a little Barney- reminiscent (LOL), but it's actually really pretty on, and I believe would look great no matter your skin tone. It is super "retro" in shade which I really like, and it also has gorgeous pigmentation and staying power. Really pretty winter purple, I'd say. 

08. Too Faced 'Drop Dead Red' Matte Lipstick And last, but never least, I couldn't complete this list without a gorgeous deep red. Perhaps my favorite go to shade of its kind, this is a great matte lip because of it's killer pigmentation. It's also pretty clean, as usually these colors get messy really easily, so kudos Too Faced for that. I always like to wear a spiced up lip like this for Christmas eve, so so far it looks like I'm definitely going to pop on this shade.. LOVE it.

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Cheers, xx - A. Martine

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