You guessed it - December on this blog wouldn't be complete without grabbing some inspo from our favorite past-time Christmas movies -- so here I am, dressed in my most western-apparel to honor a little character named Ralphie. A Christmas Story and me go wayyyy back. I was practically raised on the movie, thanks to my Dad's love for the '40s and the fact that when he was a child, he wanted that same Red Ryder BB Gun that Ralphie literally cries over for the whole damn movie (sorry, not sorry). I was also raised with an appreciation (and slight disdain) for wobbly old kitchen tables and sofas covered in plastic -- so the leg lamp conundrum not only makes me laugh because it's funny, but because of it's irony. The magic of this story doesn't have to do with that lamp though, or the silly pink easter bunny costume-- it has to do with truly representing the way people lived. Our parents, (and our grandparents), see a reflection of themselves and their lives in this story because of that wobbly kitchen table, the soap in Ralphie's mouth, the Ovaltine puzzle, and Santa sitting in their department store. They all have memories that pretty much mirror these occurrences, and that's the true success of any story -- to be able to see oneself so clearly. A story like this lives on as an ode to our American lineage.. and well, because it's a pretty damn funny, too

To mimic Ralphie's western wear (you know, the part where he's fantasizing about rescuing his family from burglars with that BB gun), I started with some dark Pacsun ripped jeans. I paired it with this new Wildfox bodysuit I purchased from REVOLVE, that I'm absolutely in love with -- (yes, it says 'Forgive Me?' which I thought was funny, and somewhat appropriate for a post where I'm discussing BB guns). Next, I added a vintage belt I picked up at a thrift store in the East Village a couple of years ago (I was even told that that's a real quarter dollar on the buckle), and paired that with a simple white bandana around my neck and this super cute hat from Volcom. I finished the look off with a velvet clutch I stole from my Mom's closet, and these sweet Lucky Brand faux snakeskin boots I found a while back. Many kudos to this background tree which is in Lincoln Square. 

And as a little advice to Ralphie and his BB Gun,

"For aught that I could ever read, Could ever hear by tale or history, The course of true love never did run smooth. "

[Midsummer 1.1]

Cheers, xx - A. Martine

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