Huge kudos to anyone who can guess my inspiration for this post. Big hint: white shirt under a black jumper and that incredible chandelier, either ring a bell? That's right, it was actually such an easy one. ELOISE, of course. Plus, Miss Lindz and I already pretty much gave that away in our recent Instagram posts. As an ode to Christmas in New York, we couldn't go without seeing the tree at Rockefeller (a tradition I've done every year since birth as I was raised here), and having a little dinner at the Plaza, channeling our inner Eloise's. And trust me, we certainly were a big nuisance to those dining around us while we were getting those perfect posed drink- in- hand dinner photos (lol). Last night, we also tested out some evening shooting in my mod-Eloise look, and huge shout out to Lindsey (check out her photography site here), for capturing that incredible bokeh ambiance. 

So you can't do Eloise without her signature white and black, which is exactly how I started piecing together this look. I started with a basic white turtleneck, and threw over this incredible sheer, beaded jumper piece from Free People to mimic the look of her jumper. I also opted for this golden clasp elastic belt from Miss Selfridge to give the top a little shape. I would have typically thrown on tights and a black skirt with this, but thanks to the lovely 20 degree weather, I decided to just slip on some dark wash bell bottoms from Free People to add a little element of the unexpected to the overall look (I think Eloise would appreciate that). I finished it off with this magnificent wool coat I got from Zara last year, and my Marc Jacobs over the shoulder bag, complete with a pom pom keychain. 

"A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool."

[As You Like It 5.1]

Cheers, xxx - A. Martine


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