Most recently, I've found myself reading more fan theories then I think I've ever before. Typically, I've always dismissed them as kind of pointless -- if an author doesn't outwardly express agreement to said theory -- what's the point of it really? To expand the story? Sure. But doesn't that end up messing with the integrity of the story to begin with? Or does it actually enhance it? I'll give you an example, I've recently been rereading Harry Potter fan theories, and PS, if you didn't know this before, now you do, I've always been a huge fan. I'll even guiltily admit that I can probably explain the entire wizarding universe slightly better than I can reiterate everything I learned in my high school AP US History class (but that's a story for another day...). I came upon one of the most arguably fascinating theories I'd ever heard -- that Harry, imagined the entire series because he went mad being locked in that cupboard under the stairs. One of JK Rowling's minion screen writers even noted that in the first couple of drafts of the Sorcerer's Stone, Harry actually talked to a spider named Alastor who hung out in the closet with him. With this context, when Hagrid showed up, it seemed as if he came out of Harry's imagination, not any kind of Floo-Powder chimney. Another point of (honestly, circumstantial) evidence pointed to the fact that Harry's injuries throughout the series were much less severe then the ones suffered by Ron and Hermione -- he only ever had broken bones, alluding to a more "muggle" experience for him every time. Best part? Rowling never denied this theory. While it's probably untrue, it's still super interesting to think about how the story would change or if it even would at all?

With all of this crazy Harry Potter literature in my head, it's only appropriate I happened to choose a Gryffindor-y crushed red velvet slip tank as the star of the post. I paired it over this cozy oversized beige sweater and some simple black leggings. To add a little edge, I couldn't go without my favorite black moto jacket from Topshop and this super sweet faux-suede baseball cap from Charlotte Russe (similar here). I paired this all with some french braids which has been my favorite go-to winter hair look. (PS: We had our after-shoot meal at Egg Shop NYCand both Avery and I highly recommend it because it was amazing). 

In a search for a Shakespearian quote about conspiracy, I found one ironically said by his character, Hermione, in Winter's Tale (you really can't make this stuff up)..

"Now, for conspiracy, I know not how it tastes; though it be dish'd For me to try how"

[Winters Tale 3.2]

Jeez, Rowling's really up to something here. Here's to reading more literary theories!

Cheers, xxx - A. Martine


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