Photos by the ever-so-talented Lindsey Marie Whalen

If I could be anything, I'd probably be a good witch with the style of a bad one. Taking inspo from AHS' Coven and all the Cordelia's of the world for this one: I wanted to draw together all the elements of how we perceive 'witches' in clothing — after all, they're appealing but sharp. It's playing with those contrasts that got me to this very ensemble. I started with this GORGEOUS sapphire lace turtleneck from Free People, to capture that nice contrast of appeal to edge. Over top, I added a black spaghetti strap dress courtesy of this amazing set from Storets to give the look a little more structure. Finally, I paired this with these AMAZING boots from Zara that you can shop here, (sidenote, I was literally stopped in an elevator by a woman who told me that these would be perfect to match her Halloween costume LOL...) which I think give the whole look a true coven feel. I paired this all with a sweet bag that Miss Lindsey DIYed to give add a little deceit to my true witchy identity. Also just cause, it looked cute. Now for a true witchy quote —

"Time shall unfold what plighted cunning hides."

[Cordelia, King Lear 1.1]

Cheers, xx - A. Martine

P O S T S C R I P T  //  As I'm sharing more lifestyle for this blog, I added a few fun photos from my trip to D.C this past weekend for Lindsey's birthday. T'was such a blast seeing everyone, and I also wanted to add my outfit details for the gala we attended on Saturday eve. My dress is from Revolve and is the brand Privacy Please — my necklace from a local D.C boutique, and my strappy sandals are from Steve Madden.  It's always a blast down there and I can't wait for my next trip! Tap right to scroll ;)

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