There's nothing like a good old Fleetwood Mac song –not only because of Goddess Stevie + co's talent – but also because of the band's powerful ability to re-tell stories. Rhiannon isn't just cool because of its tangy chords and witchy flavor – it's actually a re-telling of a medieval Welsh classic. The tale is a story of this goddess-like consort who is wrongly accused of infanticide when her newborn is kidnapped. She quietly accepts her penance – and is forced to sit at the front gates of the castle and re-tell the story of her child over and over to passerby's. What's worse – she is forced to carry the travelers that pass by on her back (very Odyssey-feelin' I kno). Eventually, her son is found – and reunites with the strong Rhiannon. Now ought as a Celtic deity, Rhiannon is considered a goddess tied to horses – representing the strength she physically and mentally carried during her penance.

Needless to say, this ethereal story had me feeling some typa way – and I thought an ode to Rhiannon for this look was simply apropos. I started with this incredible embroidered top from Free People – and paired it with flare denim jeans also from FPTo add some witchy dimension, I added a lace choker and some yellow shades – as well as my new favorite 'Benjie' booties from Sam Edelman. 

"Oh time, thou must untangle this not I It is too hard a knot for me t’untie!"

[Twelfth Night 2.2]

Cheers, xx - A. Martine

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