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February has been a whirlwind of a month this year, as this past NYFW definitely has to be one of my favorite fashion weeks I've ever attended. Although I had to miss out on a few because of blizzarding conditions, I was so thrilled to attend Dan Liu, Hakkan Akkaya, Verdad, Vivienne Hu, Francesca Liberatore, Custo Barcelona and more! I was also really impressed with the set up they had going on at Skylight at Clarkson Square. They opted to go back to the original set up of different booths and lounges for bloggers, press and attendees to hang in between shows, and it was really nice and reminiscent of the old times back at MBFW at Lincoln Center. As always, it was hectic, but it's always super fun and I cannot wait for next season. I've also had a lot of awesome beauty and fashion discoveries this month, as you'll see a ton of newbies for me here in this post.  So without further ado, let's get into it.


01. Amore Pacific Cleansing Foam TreatmentSo I was fortunate enough to find this little gem stashed in a 500 point Sephora rewards card gift box, a long with a few other Amore products. This immediately stood out to me upon first glance, not only because #aesthetics of this bottle, but because it smelled so fresh and clean and had a terrific consistency. I've been using it on and off with my favorite Glossier's Milky Jelly, and I have to say, this product gives milky a run for it's money. I've noticed a brightening in my complexion using this, and it truly leaves you feeling so fresh and clean. 10/10. I will definitely be getting that full size ASAP.  

02. Bobbi Brown Concealer in BisqueOne of my 'oldie but goodie!' products this month! I've talked about this many times before, but after recently recommending it to a few friends, I thought I'd throw this in my favorites as one of my all time favs. Perfect for concealing dark circles under your eyes, the peachy undertone of this truly cancels out an bluish/grey veins. It also has a thick and creamy consistency, making it last throughout the day and night. 


03. Kylie Cosmetics Smooch Mini KitIt's true, my first set of kyshadows has made it into the favorites. I've only really stuck with her lip kits in the past, but this Valentine's Day, as a gift to myself (lol), I thought I'd branch out. Let me tell you why I tried this out. For starters, I've gotten some criticism for liking Kylie's products. Point being: I've realized you're either going to like them as decent makeup, or hate them on principle. From the get-go, I only chose to order her stuff (it took me 8+ months to finally give in, for the record) because I really liked the colors she was coming out with. Think about it. If you step into a Sephora and go to a Too Faced counter, let's say, you're going to get their typical palettes of browns, champagnes, light pinks, and a burgundy. That's always the color combo they go for, even in their lip products. That's not to say I dislike the brand (in fact, I love Too Faced stuff!), that's to say that they stick with what they're good at. Kylie's makeup line has been attractive to me because I feel like she's breaking that constant color mold a bit. And this palette proves it exactly. Never have I seen a champagney-pinky- iridescent shadow as pigmented and nice as this one. And believe me, I have dozens of champagne shadows in my collection-- all kinds too! This one is somehow different in sheen, different in wear, and rather cool. Same goes for this berry color she's got in there too. I've seen similar shades for certain, but it's just on that edge of going out of the box -- not quite 'berry', yet not burgundy either. And that's why this is in my favorites this month. I appreciate the detail put into these color combos. And, they're long lasting and super pigmented, so that's a great thing too. 

04. Mac's Taupe Lipstick Ah, another 'oldie but goodie' I wanted to throw in. This has been a rediscovered product for me, as I've abandoned a lot of my lipsticks this past year for liquid lipsticks. This will always be one of my staples though, a quick go-to taupey nude that's perfect for everyday wear. I discovered this about two years ago to this month when my cousin Joanna and I decided to get our makeup done at MAC for her birthday outing. I believe the makeup artist mixed this with Mac's Taupe brown eye pencil that first time I wore it, and that's a brown lip I'll always circle back to. 

05. 'Damn Gina' & 'Gorg' by Kylie CosmeticsAs another little token from the Smooch Valentine's Day Set, these two were definitely my selling points to getting it from the beginning. I kind of missed the 'Khloe Kollection' boat, (whoops?), so I was so happy she brought these back! I'm loving Gorg for nighttime looks, and Damn Gina is a perfect sparkly gloss for a casual day. Love these shades, as I noted before!

06. Urban Decay Deslick My favorite everyday setting spray of all time. Since I spoke about the Ben Nye one in my last favorites, I thought I'd throw in this one this month to talk about how much I've loved and used this. I think I started buying this back in 2010 or so, and have never gone back since. It keeps my makeup from slipping off throughout the longest of days, and it also keeps my shiny-ness to a minimum. Definitely great for a makeup starter kit if you're just getting into this whole hobby. 


07. Coco Rose Coconut Oil Body Polish by Herbivore Botanicals Two words: THIS STUFF! As dry winter legs have been creeping upon me for the past two months, it's a godsend that I found this stuff. I've been using this to keep them silky smooth, and it's just glorious. Also I've barely made a dent in it after a month and a half, so this baby will last me a while. Would highly recommend. 

08. REPLICA "Lipstick On" Ah, nothing makes me happier than a pretty perfume in a pretty bottle. I'm horrid at describing scents, but this is a sweet yet sour blush and rice powder scent is perfect for spring. I'm known for liking mustier whiskey scents, while this is definitely on the sweeter side for me, it's a nice transition. 

09. Bootay BagTOO CUTE! Many thanks to the lovely ladies over at Bootay Bag for sending me over some pairs, but seriously guys, what a genius company! This is a completely new way to buy undies, and I kind of love it because you get new styles every single month. Let's be real, having a couple of pairs for too long result in a lot of tearing of the fabric or lace, which is why it's so smart to have new pairs sent to you so often. Plus, you get the option of choosing between the styles you like while the colors and prints are a total surprise. And even cooler, with every Bootay Bag instagram with the hashtag #undermatters, the company donates $1 to the Melanoma Foundation. Seriously, check this subscription out, you won't turn back. 

10. Sam Edelman 'Leya' SneakersFinally, last but CERTAINLY not least, these get 'the coolest purchase' superlative for the month. Yes, they are a bit ridiculous. Yes, they were a bit pricey. But at the end of the day, unique shoes really make a great shoe collection, and I couldn't resist the smooth velvet texture. I've already worn these almost every day since I got them, so let's say I'll definitely be using them until the pom poms fall off. (Or well, I hope they dont..) ;)

To mix things up a bit, I thought I'd give you a Stephen King quote to end this monthly favorites instead of my usual Shakespeare (Sorry Will). I recently read an excellent profile on him from Rolling Stone, and it reminded me how much I love his genius. 

"Fiction is the truth inside the lie."

Here's to a fabulous March!

Cheers, xoxox - A. Martine