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I cannot believe March is already coming to a close. I had such an awesome month these past few weeks, highlight being: getting to visit Lindsey down in Washington D.C after four years of saying I would at one point (Ha!). Weekend trips are definitely something I want to do more, especially this coming summer, so I'll definitely be making it a goal for myself to explore some more east-coast territory. Plus, it's secretly kind of fun to play tourist for a bit (sans the socks and sandals though), so I'm looking forward to seeing where more weeks ahead take me. Without further ado, these are some products I've been obsessed with this past March!


01. Hourglass Mineral Veil PrimerSo as you all may have guessed, I love trying out new primers. I think it's so important to actually change them up pretty often, so that you can experiment with new products and see what works better for you. That's the beauty with primers -- they aren't a particular color or consistency that will change the outer look of your makeup, they simply slip underneath, so you can have more fun switching them up. I decided to pick this out on a whim and try it (I had heard it was excellent), and I'm so happy I did! Extremely lightweight, this stuff goes on super smoothly, and I've actually seen a difference in how my makeup wears throughout the day. Would highly recommend. 

02. Salted Caramel Kylighter by Kylie Cosmetics Ha, you guys know I like my Kylie. This is the first face product I've purchased from her, and I have a couple of thoughts. First, don't think I'd buy another 'face' product other than her highlighters, just because there are so many other brands I'd go for instead for that. But second, I'm impressed with this stuff. It's super pigmented, and seriously lasts throughout the day. Only downside is that it's extremely hard to pick up with a highlighting brush, and I love my highlighting brushes, so that's a big issue in my book. It works wonderfully if you apply it with your fingers, but I do wish it was a little more powdery as it's meant to be. Otherwise though, I do like it. So, B+/A- for Kylie for this one. 

03. Gorg by Kylie Cosmetics I know, I know, two Kylie products in a row? I had to throw this in though, because I splurged for the full size of Gorg (I had gotten the mini in her Valentine's Day kit), and I am so obsessed. This is by far, one of my favorite lip colors I own, which is insane if you really knew how many lip products I have in my collection. But seriously, I'm not sure if it's because it just looks great with my olive complexion or something, but it's just so perfect for winter-to-spring makeup, and I'll definitely be swiping this on for many night-outs to come. 


04. Let The Good Times Roll by Lush- Oh my god guys, what a #tbt. So I first discovered this ages ago, when it first came out in one of Lush's Christmas collections. It's by far the yummiest-smelling thing I own (literally, it smells so good it makes you feel like you want to eat it), and it's a super powerful exfoliator too. It has cornmeal in it and basically smells like cornbread, so if you're into that you'd love it, and it also makes your skin feel silky smooth in a most natural way (which I love, instead of chemically enhanced exfoliator beads). 

05. Pistachio Brûlée Perfume by Urban OutfittersI have to call this one 'my scent for March.' This stuff has been in my bag nearly everyday, came with me on my trip to D.C. and I have it by me at my desk during the day. Literally obsessed with this soft-sweet scent, and it was super affordable and comes with a good amount of fluid ounces for the price. 10/10. 

06. Fatboy Hair Shampoo + Conditioner SetGifted to me by the lovely ladies of Mediacraft PR, I am so happy to have stumbled upon this shampoo and conditioner duo. Super clarifying, these babies smell like fresh flowers and mint, and I've noticed a huge difference in the buoyancy and elasticity of my hair since I started using them. I also find them to be extremely clarifying for my scalp, and my hair has been extra shiny and smooth because of 'em as well. Really beautiful products inside and out, and I'd definitely say you should take a gander at these if you're looking for some new products for your hair-washing. 

07. Glitter Polaroid Frame by Urban OutfittersThis was a fun one I wanted to throw in at the end, because I just think they're super cute and add a little sparkle to my room accessory decor. Plus, who doesn't love a little snow-globe like rectangle to shake around? 

"Come what come may, time and the hour runs through the roughest day."

[Macbeth 1.3]

Happy April ya'll! 

Cheers! xxox, -A.Martine

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