If you've spent remotely 5.6 seconds on this blog and/or follow my Snapchat, you'll know that I'm totally obsessed with the uncanny. I mean, you're talking about the girl who watches Beetlejuice for fun and knows just about every line to Silence of the Lambs. So, it's no shock that I'm also a Twilight Zone fanatic. (BC TBH the idea of a fifth dimension is just so horrifying to me that it's kind of exciting). But what's cool about this show is that it mixes the human with the very inhumane -- only for us to learn that sometimes the inhumane is very human after all. Take the first pilot episode for example: the entire thing is about a guy going crazy because he visits all his local places one morning to find that nobody is there. Not a soul: his town is completely desolate -- empty stores and no cars. What's ironic about this is: how so genuinely human of a reaction is it to flip out in isolation?! Sure, it's a hella weird circumstance, but it's mostly this 'weird' because we're conditioned to behave and feel a certain way about it. It's the catch 22 concepts in The Twilight Zone that make the show so addicting, exciting and scary of course, but the monster's of the story are not what we end up being afraid of. The real horrifying part of the Twilight Zone is that it makes you realize how human you actually are, and sometimes, that's scarier than any exorcist-ghost-serial-killer-psychologist (yes, I just combined Beetlejuice with Hannibal Lecter there, #sorrynotsorry).  I wanted to celebrate just that and the unexpected in my look this week. 

When it comes to expressing myself in an unexpected typa' way, I have to admit, I think I'm pretty decent at it. I love pairing together unusual lengths, patterns and textures... fashion would be so boring if everything matched. So, I did just that in this look, and paired a long black Forever 21 jacket under a H&M bomber to add some dimension and weird proportion to this look. Underneath, I paired this with a long sleeve white American Apparel v neck, and these AMAZING wide-leg mom jeans I recently got on sale at Urban Outfitters. I added these cute Sam Edelman shoes, a funky thick choker and my typical ray bans to finish off the look. Truly an odd but fashion-forward combo in this look and I simply can't get enough. 

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here!"

[The Tempest 1.2]

Cheers, xxx - A. Martine

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