There's something so cool about theatre: the fact that you can literally change time and space of a story using production details on a stage. If you know me well, you'll know that the theatre was my first love and passion (and if you didn't, now does my love for stories make a little more sense? lol(; ). But I think the reason why I loved it (and love it) so much is because if one thing in a show changes, the whole production is altered slightly. And it's those tiny decisions (like entrance and exit music, for example), that make the production what it truly is -- the details and nuances are just as important as the overall plot and story. Take this irony: in the Shakespeare company I participated in in high school, the director decided to behead the Duke of Buckingham to Michael Jackson's song, Beat It. I, will never forget it for two reasons, one, because I happened to be dating that Buckingham at the time IRL (lol), but two, because you cannot get more spot on and ironic then playing that song during an execution scene. It felt almost as if the director was poking fun at the whole scenario: picture Richard III in a leather jacket, snapping away in a parking garage to the song like MJ. It's just too good. That's the other fun part about it: theatre allows you to mess around with the audience like that -- they've totally suspended their disbelief to the point where it's almost funny, so you might as well take advantage of it. Any truly clever director would never turn down the opportunity. 

This post is called 'Sewn,' in reference to a song by The Feeling we often used back in my acting days, but it's also called this because in affect, every piece of creativity (whether it be a theatre production or a photograph) is sewn together with these varied elements I've been talking about. So, for my inspired look, I played with a ton of juxtaposition pairing stark white overalls from the Gap with an off-the-shoulder black Nasty Gal bodysuit to be a little unexpected. And, I decided to throw in some more odd detail shooting in front of a vintage Mustang and sported some oversized glasses (incredible photo credit to the one, the only, Lindsey Marie). Finally, I finished this look off with my Blk & Noir 'Killer Queen' necklace for a little more homage to my acting years.

Theatre teaches you many things. But especially, it teaches you that details are important. 

"A horse! a horse! my kingdom for a horse!"

[Richard III 5.4]

Cheers, xx - A.Martine

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