I know what you're thinking -- she can't POSSIBLY be referencing The Grand Budapest for another post again? The bad news is that yes, I am. But the good news is the reason why. I realized that every time I reference Anderson's masterpiece of a movie, I always focus more on his masterful set design and color choices -- when the plot of the whole thing is actually probably the most important aspect of the movie. GPH, with all of it's comical commentary and gorgeous shots is perhaps one of the most political movies ever made (okay, big claim I know), but it's in the magic of Anderson's attention to detail that makes his commentary so bold -- details in his characters names, mannerisms and stories. This post goes out to the lobby boy, the comrade. And it's a reminder that art and fashion are meant to be political in all different kinds of ways, and that above all -- the freedom to do so is a beautiful thing.

Obviously the statement piece in this look is the most blaring: this amazingly funky tee from Shop Ban.do (shop the next best thing here, as this version is sold out, womp!). I popped a black slip dress overtop (stolen from this Storets set, naturally), and added one of my favorite chokers and a set of yellow shades. Finally, I popped on my favorite Sam Edelman Yardley Lace-Ups and these amazing House of Harlow earrings I got from my latest Rocksbox (use my code alannamartinexoxo to get your first RB month free!). 

"Time shall unfold what plighted cunning hides: who cover faults, at last shame them derides."

[Lear 1.1] Cheers, xx - A.Martine

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