I never thought I would say it but I think August has been my favorite month of this year so far. So many cool opportunities, interesting people I've come across – and finally learned how to pull up and emoji keyboard on a Macbook 😂 (that's control, command, space to you). This August favorites is also going to mark a big change for Killer Queen, as I am switching over from 'beauty' favorites to fashion and lifestyle favorites from now on. I will throw in a beauty product here and there, but with my new job writing beauty all day everyday - I'd rather keep my worlds separate for now :). Will keep you all updated on where to find my next set of beauty clips, but in the meantime – let's get into things I've been LOVING this past month!



01. Adidas Trefoil Crew Sweatshirt - I picked this baby up at the outlets in the Adirondacks during my trip there this past month – and I've been wearing it absolutely non-stop since. I'll wear it out when I'm doing some casual errands, I'll wear it to bed, and then I'll occasionally dress it up when I'm in jeans and heels. Best part? It has pockets, and I'm obsessed.


02. Topshop Corset Front Flippy Dress - In an apparently continuous steak of athleisure wear that I can't get enough of lately, I picked up this dress from Topshop to add to the mix. I've always been really hesitant of T-shirt dresses (mainly because they have little-to-no shape), but I loved the corset detail on this one so I knew I had to give it a try on. Needless to say, I loved it, and I might buy it in another color lol.



03. Sophie Harper Cactus Necklace - Obsessed with this little cactus necklace I got in my latest Rocksbox (seriously guys, I'm not even kidding when I say subscribing Rocksbox was the best decision I've made). I always have a hard time buying jewelry - but with options being sent to me the whole time, that's starting to change. Also who could not love a rose gold cactus?


04. Nordstrom Floral Lace Choker- Recently, I've been wearing a few metal chokers that have totally destroyed my neck  (yep, I am that person who's allergic so any metal that swipes my skin, and if you don't believe me, read this article lol). So, it's put me on the track to try to find fabric chokers that look just as intricate and pretty, and ding ding ding – we have a winner here. This lace pink floral choker is to die for, and I know it's going to be a big go-to piece for this fall. 



05. Key Tags by VARIOUSJust a fun gift I received from my new team – how #aesthetic is this key tag? You can customize your own or pick out of their dozens of sayings. Obsessed.


06. Pistachio Brulee Candle by UO - Ah, my favorite go-to scent of the summer in candle form. Not only does this look beautiful on my nightstand, it also smells like heaven. 

"Love is a smoke raised with a fume of sighs" 

[Romeo + Juliet 1.1]

Cheers, xx - A. Martine

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