I've talked about hotels a lot on this blog and their relevance in a ton of literature and movies I love (ummmm, cue the Grand Budapest + The Shining, legit, the two stories I never shut up about). But my by far favorite representation of a hotel (and a creepy one at that) has to be Ryan Murphy's version in his American Horror Story series (duhhh). What I love specifically about this particular season is really simple: I love the transcendence of the hotel throughout time -- I mean you have everything from the classic art deco historical side, to Lady Gaga's sci-fi blood storing rooms. Not only is the juxtaposition really interesting, it's kind of a creepy and beautiful commentary on what a hotel even is -- a place where people of all different walks of life pass through.  

For this look I wanted to pay a little tribute to Murphy's production, by starting with this off-the-shoulder art deco-looking jewel toned top. Find it here on sale at Nordstrom's! It's kind of a very different color for me (which I weirdly like) and I paired it with these killer patchwork jeans I picked up at a Pacsun outlet in the Adirondacks this past week. I can't seem to find 'em online (weird because they're new I believe), but this is a super cute similar pair. To add some sparkle I added this cute choker also from Pacsun, and these gorgeous hoops I got in my latest RocksboxTo be real guys, I don't think I'd ever wear hoops unless I got them in this Rocksbox... so shoutout to my stylist there for picking 'em out. [[ AND, use my code alannamartinexoxo for your first month off! ]]

"There is a tide in the affairs of men. Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune"

[Julius Caesar 4.3]

Cheers, xx - A. Martine 

P.S I've gotten SO many questions about this bathing suit in one of my latest Instagram posts. It's linked below in the shoppable section (scroll right!) (; x

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