When you Google image search Shakespeare's Titania, a lot of interesting images appear. Mostly, she looks extremely Ophelic, surrounded in flowers and greenery, but she's a lot more sprightly (seeing as she's not about to drown herself). A common thread within representations of her, however, are pastel like details, whether it be in her flower crown or on her layered robes. Feeling very midsummery, (thanks to that random 70 degree NYC day at the end of Feb), I wanted to bring some of that fairy-esque pastel-ism into my first look for March.

I started this look with the star of the show: this Project Social T Cropped Sweater from Urban Outfitters (similar here). It's a super cute pink cropped sweater with this super bright blue, white and yellow striped collar that adds a ton of pow. This is definitely extremely colorful for my typical wardrobe, but I kind of love it, and I'm excited to wear it over the upcoming Spring months. To ground this look a little more, I paired it with some high-waisted black dress shorts, tights, and a long Forever 21 duster. To add an extra layer, I added my black Levi's denim jacket, and wrapped up the entire look with the 18k Gold + Sterling Silver Plated Large Hoops

And of course I couldn't not close this post without an OG Titania salutation:

"First, rehearse your song by rote — to each word a warbling note:

Hand in hand, with fairy grace, will we sing, and bless this place."

[Midsummer 5.1]

Cheers, xx - A. Martine

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