If you know me, you'll know that I'm a big Disney villain fan (obviously in opposition to my archenemies Lindsey), and since the founding of Ms. Whalen's My Oh My Supply Co, I was uber inspired to put together an outfit based on one of my favorite characters in this very universe — Maleficent. Taking a hint from her dramatic garb and evil headdress, I came up with my own mod version, starting with this edgy, ripped zippered skirt I picked up at Mixology. I've been loving this skirt for a few reasons — one, being that it instantly gives a little personality and edge to just about any outfit — and two, that it goes well with a multitude of tops and blouses. I paired this with an extremely structured, off the shoulder velvet top I got a while back at Urban Outfitters — and added one of my favorite bombers around my waist.

Finally, I finished off the look with my favorite fringe booties, vintage Gucci purse and Ray Bans, of course. [[ I recently got asked if I ever take these sunglasses off — and much to your surprise, I do, lmao(; ]].  But I digress. I simply can't complete this post without a quote that I think perfectly embodies the Maleficent in all of us;

"O tiger's heart wrapped in a woman's hide!"

[King Henry VI Part III 1.4]

Cheers, xx A.Martine

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