One of my favorite Shakespeare themes is an unexpected one: prophecy. It's weaved throughout so many of his plays — from Margaret's prophetic creepy lines in the Histories to Macbeth's three witches. I love that I'm not only able to experience such prophecies in literature, but also in what I do as a living. As a beauty journalist, it's my job to forecast upcoming trends and looks, and while it's not as prophetic as what Sir Shakes came up with, it''s pretty cool otherwise.

With these prophecies in mind, I wanted to put together a look that celebrated what it meant to see the stars, and what better of a look than this sheer star top by Necessary Clothing (similar here). I'm obsessed with wearing this over a lacey bralette or a spaghetti tank (like this one from Topshop). I paired it with white shorts from Urban Outfitters, and my new favorite wedges from Steve Madden. Of course I wanted to tie it all together with a red lippie and my classic vintage Gucci. 

"Defy them then, or else hold close thy lips."

[Henry VI 2.2]

Cheers, xx - A. Martine

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