September, I think you’re chalking up to be my favorite month this year. This comes as no surprise, as September is usually my favorite month every year (cough, birthday month anyway) but this year, it was even more special. I had a killer time attending #NYFW (which, for the first time ever, I only did backstage!). I usually tend to sit at fashion shows but decided this year to put my focus into the beauty world and attend on behalf of Makeup as opposed to this blog as well. It was certainly a different experience, but I actually loved every minute of it. Fast forward a bit, I also got to visit a place I’ve wanted to for a while: New Orleans! I headed down there with Sean for this past week, and it was truly incredible (and pretty much everything I thought it should and would be). Without further ado, here are the favorites that got me through this month!



Regan Crop Top, by the way. — By far my favorite fashion purchase this month definitely has to be this cute crop from Revolve. It was the perfect material and style to bring down to NOLA (where it was 101 degrees, mind you), but I can also see myself styling it with other cool pieces this fall (like overalls). Stay tuned for my next post which features this baby!



Buckle Belt by Brandy Melville — UM, can you say cute? This thing got me through not only #NYFW, but also a ton of walking and exploring when I was down in New Orleans. It’s incredibly compact and tiny, but I was able to carry everything I needed (makeup, phone charger, wallet and more!)


Yellow Tassel Bracelet — I got this pretty tassel bracelet to add to my typical stack while I was down South, and let me tell you, the pop of yellow really adds a nice little touch of fall to just about any look. I cant wait to style it in the months to come.


Elephant Wallet — Another NOLA find, this is the cutest little embroidered wallet I’ve laid my eyes on in a while, and I picked up two as gift for the fam. It’s pretty compact and really intricate: such a pretty little souvenir.

Here’s to October, turning 24!!! this week, and more good vibes and exciting projects to come.

“No legacy is so rich as honesty”

[Alls Well That Ends Well 3.5]

Cheers, xx - A. Martine


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