February twenty nineteen, I hated and loved you. I started off the month horribly (with an ear infection!) but was luckily able to finish it off with a successful fashion week and a ski trip! Lately, I’ve been loving changing up my photography style, and going outside of my comfort zone with new presets. I’ve also been trying to social more on the fly.. taking photos to capture a moment for Instagram as opposed to a pre-planned shoot. Here’s some of the things I’ve been swooning over this month.



Urban Outfitters Jhene Turtleneck Cropped Top — Probably one of my favorite purchases of the month, this cropped turtleneck is not only super comfy — it’s refined enough for business casual dress. I’m hoping to pair this under some black overalls, or with some oversized denim pants for an uber structural look.


Out From Under Penny Side-Tie Cropped CamiAnother clothing item that caught my eye during my most recent trip to UO was this super cute cropped cami. I love the contrastive cream and black shades put together, and it’s a perfect piece to wear out on the weekends or overtop a white tee. I’m looking forward to actually wearing this as a real shirt come summer, but I’m super happy I got my hands on it when I did.


Gold Hoops (similar style here) — I got these a while back from Urban, and while they are thicker than the ones they sell now — I’ve been wearing them non stop this month. They’re extra large which is super fun, and they peek out of hats really nicely, whether its a beanie or a newsboy style. So good.


Globalwin Women's 1837 Winter Snow BootsThis is the first month that I’ll be skiing (ever!) and while I’m so excited to hit the slopes — I realized I didn’t have a proper snow boot that would make treking around the hills better. After a quick search on Amazon, I came across these and am totally obsessed. At only $50, they’re super great quality and are much cuter than your average snow shoe — I loooove them!

This past Feb, I celebrated another NYFW, so I wanted to share some BTS photos as well as some other fun moments of the month. (Click right to scroll through!) 💥

“To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,

Creeps in this petty pace from day to day, To the last syllable of recorded time”

[Macbeth V. II]

Cheers to March! — A. Martine xx

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