Forgive me, but I simply couldn’t create a post in April of 2019 without a little Game of Thrones reference. Seriously though, ever since Sean got me hooked on George R.R Martin’s world, I can’t help but dissect every house’s name. Take Stark for example: definitions of this word are ‘severe or bare in appearance of outline,’ ‘complete,’ and ‘rigid.’ Stark may be a a perfect family name to describe the House of the Wolf in this universe, I mean after all I think it perfectly fits Catelyn, Sansa, Arya and all the boys — but it’s also a good mantra to live by when it comes to style. The word stark, I feel, does a great job at capturing my own fashion sense: as I aim for it to be very signature, recognizable and rigid (in a good way!).

Sticking to my stark panache for the monochrome, I styled this look focusing on white, black, and a pop of red. I started with this new BDG Denim Skirt I recently scored on sale at UO, and paired it with this pretty top I also found at UO — it’s stark white, fits nicely and has a pretty embroidered detail on the sleeves and the neck (I couldn’t find the exact one online, but this is similar). Finally, I tied the whole look together with my killer Filas (I know, I can’t believe I’m wearing sneakers so often either!), and a red lip.

I think Shakes would have been a big Martin fan — and I also think Martin pulled a lot of inspo from Shakes, too. I leave you with a Shakespeare quote I think the Starks might like (and might say to any Lannister they meet, well except Tyrion of course😉).

“It is excellent to have a giant's strength, but it is tyrannous to use it like a giant”

[Measure for Measure 2.2]

Cheers, xx - A. Martine

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