The month of May literally felt like 3 months combined into one. I started off the first weekend heading to Boston to see a few of my good college friends — followed by a trip to the National History Museum, a birthday party the weekend after, and going home for MDW. On top of this, I also managed to break my phone and finally got the really sleek, iPhone X. Additionally, I made a few cool purchases this month, and here are some of my favs.



Out From Under Square Neck Bodysuit — I picked this up a few weeks ago at Urban Outfitters, and I’ve been literally obsessed with it ever since. I wore it in this Instagram here, and it’s a perfect example of a timeless piece that I can wear with literally everything. I would recommend to not wear this with a bra, but use stick adhesives because it’s a tinge see-through. I am completely enamored by it. It’s also on sale for $29, so go go go.


Onia x We Wore What Ace Top and and Emily Bottom in Retro Rosebud — I only allow myself to splurge on a bathing suit on occasion — and this month, I decided to take the plunge with this purchase. I was immediately attracted to the style and pattern of this — it’s delicate, but colorful and gives off a nice vintage twang. I’m always skeptical of influencer collaborations, so I was really impressed with this one.


Tortoise Sunnies (Similar Here) —I’ll be honest, I really am not positive as to where these babies came from since I found them cleaning out a drawer this past month, but they’re pretty spot on to the Tortoise Shell style that Quay has, so I linked those. I looove that these are gradient and have an outer wire frame that looks super innovative for a pair of sunnies — I’ll sure be wearing these a lot this summer.



Amazon Cacti — I did a bit of redecorating in my apartment living room recently, and decided to take the risky (but satisfactory) route of ordering some cacti on Amazon. The good thing is they always pack an extra (it was a set of 6) and I think I only lost one to the shipping process. They came pretty perfect, seem to be doing swimmingly, and I’d totally buy it again.


P.F Candle Co. Amber + Moss Candle — In another little addition to my apartment living area, I picked up this realllllllyyyy nicely scented candle at U+O — it’s not too sweet, not too musk and the jar is seriously everything.

“And it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man”

[Hamlet I.III]


Cheers, xx - A. Martine

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