"But where's my feather headband and boa?" you're probably thinking. It's true, I'd always hoped to do a Gatsby- inspired post in a full 20's get-up, but the more I put together this look, the more I realized its similarities to F. Scott Fitzgerald's story. Let me explain - this look, as you can tell off the bat, is mainly about layering -- layering a dark pant, with a top, under a sparkly smock, with a luxe jacket on top. I've always believed The Great Gatsby to be a story about layering as well -- you've got the decadent outside world of West Egg, the shiny appeal of Jay Gatsby's parties, and a whole lot of edge, darkness and drama underneath. The literary layers of the story reveal one of the ultimate takeaways of the book: that not everything is as glistening as it seems. So I paired together these pieces to get Jay Gatsby's final lesson across, as upon glance, you assume that I'm sporting one fashion, when ultimately, I'm actually sporting another.

The conception of this post began with this outrageously cool slip dress I happened upon at Urban OutfittersSeriously, it is probably the most genius addition I've added to my closet, because you can literally wear it over anything. While the textile appears as a black mesh, it has a mesmerizing sheen of royal blue and gold, which certainly garnered me some double takes as I walked throughout Nolita in this. It's one of those pieces of clothing that makes you stop in your tracks and ask, 'what really is that? or, what is that made of?' and that, above all, was the reason I got it from the start. To represent the darker layers of Gatsby's world, I paired these grey-dark wash Bullhead Denim jeans, similar here, with a simple v-neck black top. Up top, I added my absolute go-to leather jacket of the season, this moto from Topshopand finished the look off with my great-grandmother's alligator skin bag (how gorgeous is that!!) In true Gatsby fashion, I also added this incredible Danielle Nicole choker that is currently on sale!

Can't do West Egg without some pearls, amirite?

"“All that glisters is not gold— Often have you heard that told.

Many a man his life hath sold But my outside to behold. Gilded tombs do worms enfold."

[Merchant of Venice 2.7]

Cheers, xxx - A. Martine 

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