With the sudden resurgence of LUSH Cosmetics, mostly thanks be to the countless Instagram videos of bath bombs exploding in tubs everywhere, I thought it would be fun to do a quick write-up on how much I've come to love the brand after years (and years, and years) of using their products. I first discovered Lush around 2010 (would you believe it's actually been around since 1995?!) during the days I scrolled through Tumblr in my spare time. I actually think it was thanks to Tumblr that I even discovered them to begin with -- I remember constantly reblogging art$y bath bomb photos for my page (sorry, not sorry). I then delved into their skincare and became a big fan of their Vanishing Cream (I promise, it was cheaper when I actually bought it but it works,) and their Ro's Argan Body Lotion (THIS STUFF IS INSANE!). I also was a big fan of their It's Raining Men Shower Gelso much, that one time when I had bought a bottle in Edinburgh, Scotland, it was taken away from me by TSA at Heathrow-London, (I stupidly had thrown it in my carry-on,) I proceeded to cry hysterically begging for them to give it back. Spoiler: they didn't, and this is an event that Miss Lindz has made fun of me for since it happened -- she will not let it go. But let me tell you, the product is luscious enough to have a slight cry over, whether warranted or not. Today I put together some current Lush favorites/ the ones I've been using most recently. 

for bubbles 

Lush's Comforter Bubble Bar Bubblegum perfection.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of Lush's bath bombs. My favorites include, Twilight, Sex Bomband Butterball (prob my ultimate favorite). But I can't get over a bubble bath, and that's why I tend to reach for the bubble bars as well. One of my favorites is The Comforter, which basically turns your bath bright pink and makes you smell like bubblegum for the few hours prior to your bath. What more could you want? PS, yes this is cut in half because my other favorite part about Lush's bubble bars is that you can cut them up and use them multiple times. 

Lush's Unicorn Horn Bubble BarLavender scented rainbows forever.

Another favorite bubble bar of choice, this one is really fun to give as gift. It smells like silky lavender and swirls rainbows into your bath water. And adds sparkly bubbles. Another couple of bubble bar favorites of mine are: French Kiss, Brightsideand Sunnyside 

for hair 

Lush's No Drought Dry ShampooFreshens hair like no other.

Another one of my favorite Lush products is their dry shampoo! It smells super refreshing (citrusy + limey) and really drys up your hair at its roots excellently. I've also literally had this for like over a year now and used this a million times and it still is pretty full which is even more so definitely worth it. Truly a darkhorse product in their brand. 

for teeth

Lush's Tooth FairyIt lives up to it's name.

Speaking of darkhorse Lush products, their tooth powders are quite revolutionary as well. I recently decided to try their tooth powders as I've heard they're excellent at keeping teeth white, and also seem like a great alternative to toothpaste. I'll be quite honest, this doesn't taste as 'strawberry,' as the brand promises, but it does have an undertone strawberry-lemon zing which is nice. It doesn't really taste of anything else besides powder, but I like it because I've used it a few times and already see a difference in the whitening of my teeth. I also love it's reminiscence to one of my other favorite limited edition/ seasonal Lush products, Snow Fairyso that makes me happy too. 

for lips 

Lush's Latte Lip TintOne of the best lip products I own.

Typically, as a beauty guru, it's kind of odd for me to reach for a lip color that isn't the typical Mac or Sephora sold brand, like Too Faced, or Tarte, or Kat Von D. But I have to say, this product alone completely changed my opinion on this. This is one of the coolest, creamiest lip colors I own, and I haven't worn it once without someone stopping to ask what's on my lips. Unfortunately, I think this is only sold in the UK now (WOMP), but it's certainly worth searching for. 

Lush's Popcorn Lip ScrubYes, it actually tastes like sweet popcorn. 

Next to Lush's bubble bars, this is perhaps my favorite Lush product I own. I use it absolutely all the time (as you can see from the ripping label) before I apply my lip color for the evenings, and it really makes a difference on whether your lips chap throughout the night. And it tastes incredible, for realz. Also a huge fan of their Bubblegum lip scrub which I recently ran out of, and I love their limited edition Santa's lip scrub, which has a cherry coca cola flavor. 


"Love is a smoke raised with the fume of sighs"

[Romeo + Juliet 1.1]

Cheers, xx - A. Martine

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