My version of Ryan Gosling's neo-noir crime drama jacket in Drive, anyone? Not totally quite in my opinion, but my photographer Avery immediately thought of it when he saw this jacket, so I thought I'd throw that in. To me, though, this look was more inspired by Wes Anderson's Margot and co in The Royal Tenenbaums. Another one of Anderson's masterfully crafted stories and visions, the significance of art as a means of coping throughout the film inspired me to focus on this incredible cool bomber jacket as the focal point of the look. I see this bomber jacket as a suit of armor for any fashion guru -- tough and omniscient with a story to tell (truly #Margot vibes). 

I had asked for this beautiful jacket for Christmas and was lucky enough to find it in a box under my tree on Christmas day, and you can find it here on SALE for nearly half the price. It's pretty warm, which I'm going to be loving in these winter-to-spring transition days in the upcoming months, and the embroidery and design is just simply impeccable. The front dons a beautiful tiger's head and a pretty deep red cardinal, while the back sports the entirety of the tiger's body. It's just one of the coolest pieces I think I have in my closet, and I cannot wait to sport it during some upcoming fashion week events. Next, I have to talk about this shirt -- a perfect example of one of the greatest thrift store finds ever. This silky champagne button down was only, brace yourself, SIX, yes I said SIX dollars. LMW and I found this beauty on one of our every-couple-of- monthly thrift store trips, and I don't think I've ever found something so perfect. Speaking of thrifting, I am definitely planning on doing more thrift-store-only inspired posts to talk more about how I like to thrift, but I will mention I do suggest dry-cleaning everything you thrift before use! It's nice to get it fresh and clean and especially with this kind of shirt that's silk, it looks much better when pressed. I paired this all with some dark jeans from Bullhead Co., and these amazing Jeffrey Campbell wedges that I will never get enough of. Also paired with a suede vintage maroon bag from my grandma!

I leave you with one of my favorite Shakespeare quotes ever, referring to killer Queen Margaret: 

"O tiger's heart wrapped in a woman's hide!

How couldst thou drain the lifeblood of the child,

To bid the father wipe his eyes withal, And yet be seen to bear a woman's face?"

[Henry VI Part III 1.3]

Cheers, xx - A. Martine

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