I named this post 'resurrection' for two very different reasons. 1) That this is, indeed, a look resurrected from my collection of NYFW clothing, and 2) (Perhaps less literally) That this past week/look felt reminiscent of a dark Stephen King story that I wanted to share (SHOCKER, I know). Perhaps you have heard of Pet Sematary, one of King's horror novels written in 1983. It's one of his darkest books, in my opinion, because its subject matter deals particularly with the tragic loss of a child. Quick summary: a couple moves to a new house with their two small children, next to a sacred burial ground that belonged to MicMac Indians back in the day. The ground serves as a pet cemetery (wink wink at the title), and when the family's cat gets hit by a car and dies, they decide to bury it in said cemetery. Turns out though, this burial ground resurrects anything/anyone buried in it. Yep, so the cat reappears and seems to be 'alive' again. But ugly, horrific, incredibly written plot twist: one of the children ends up running into the street and also gets hit by a vehicle, dying on impact. The father basically goes nuts, buries the kid in the burial ground, and the child comes back. Only problem? He's nothing like himself. He's essentially a baby zombie -- and it's kind of this weird, horrible, yet beautiful story in the end that suggests that the idea of 'resurrection' really may be too good to be true. "Resurrection" is simply an outer shell in this book: a shiny, metallic shell, that has a very uncertain layer underneath.

I started off this look with another shiny, metallic entity: this incredible (I repeat: incredible) Amanda Satin Blouse from Storets. Let me just gush about this website for a moment: I discovered Storets while browsing some blogger Instagrams (you know, a daily practice) - and I immediately noticed how incredibly innovative and high fashion their pieces were. On top of that, they are extremely affordable. I'm talking generally less than what you would pay at Nasty Gal for something. I was so surprisingly pleased. If you love high fashion pieces but don't feel like spending $560 dollars on a blouse, please check them out, you will never look back. Also the quality is 10/10, for real. I paired this fabulous piece with some ripped jeans and a vintage black alligator bag that serves as an amazing hand-me-down. (Thank you to my grandma, and great-grandma in heaven). I added a gold Forever 21 feather choker to the look, as well as my favorite patent leather white Doc Martens to finish it off. 

"Ignorance is the curse of God, knowledge the wing wherewith we fly to heaven."

[Henry VI Part II 4.7]

Cheers, xoxox - A. Martine

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