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If you know me decently well, you'll know that I've always had such a fascination with Egyptian gods and goddesses. There's just something about their culture that I simply I resonate with and love, whether its looking at the beautiful pyramids they built or reading about lavish stories they passed down (looking @ you, Cleopatra). Also, being the first culture to really discover and use makeup gives them a 10/10 in my book. Nefertem is the god of healing and beauty, who originated as a lotus flower. He represents sunlight and water lilies, according to Egypt's Book of the Dead (and Wikipedia, lol). But in all seriousness, there's something so revitalizing and refreshing hearing about his character and story, and since nothing else revitalizes me more than a pair of excellently printed pants, I thought I'd connect those dots. Plus, we can all use a little ethereal inspiration as we transition from winter to spring.

Of course, the star of this look are these Free People 'Lennon' pants (which are ON SALE, right now, people). Not only am I simply obsessed with the comfort and texture of the velvet, but they also add so much personality to the simplest of outfits. That being said, while I certainly wanted them to be the focal point of this look, I also wanted to add some extra texture and layers. So, I paired them with this amazing ruffled silk black blouse from Ralph Lauren, and added a simple black H&M fur vest on top. I kept the rest of the look pretty simple, but also did add a popping purple lip, Mac's Retro Matte Lipcolour in 'Oh Lady,' to bring out the purples in the floral pant.

Finally, I wanted to give you guys a little inside look on some of the shows I attended this past NYFW. Stay tuned for my monthly lookbook, where you'll see clips from these events, but below are a few of my favorite looks from some of what I saw and attended this season, click right to scroll through (;

[Pictures from Verdad, Vivienne Hu, Francesca Liberatore]

“Kingdoms are clay: our dungy earth alike, Feeds beast as man.”

[Antony + Cleopatra, 1.1]

Cheers, xoxo A. Martine


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