Ah, being a misfit. Probably the most common protagonist trope to ever grace literary history. My favorite misfit of all time (this should come as absolutely no surprise) is most certainly Mr. Edward Scissorhands, thought up by the remarkably dreadful imagination of Tim Burton. While most individuals probably feel creeped out/ kind of scared by that movie, I actually think it's one of the most beautiful stories I've ever heard. It's also incredibly sad. And that's saying a lot -- because movies generally don't make me tear up or emote so drastically, but this one happens to just be one that totally does. The genius of this story is that throughout the entire movie, we're constantly reminded of how different Ed's (yes I'll call him Ed) character is as opposed to the world that surrounds him. Sure, he's Burton's version of a DIY Frankenstein, and yeah, he does have scissors as hands (which sidenote, doesn't make much sense, like if you were building a person why give him scissors as hands?! As opposed to anything else?! I digress), but at the end of the day, the lesson we learn is that he still has  the same heart and soul as everyone everyone else in the story, which doesn't make him different at all. Point being, the more emphasis they put on the fact that Ed was different, the worse it was for him. Just food for thought, because it really does reveal that sometimes a 'misfit' is really just someone who's story is layered much differently than yours. 

For this 'misfit' look, I only thought it would be fun to play with shape, pattern and texture in every imaginable way. I started off with this super comfy Brandy Melville turtleneck I picked up a few weeks ago (similar here) and haven't been able to stop wearing because it's so comfortable and warm. I paired it with a long skirt I got from Urban Outfitters a few years ago, and added some layering and texture with this amazing Free People bralette that I'm so obsessed with. Since it was freezing, I did throw some leggings underneath and finish it off with my usual Topshop leather jacket and suede Jeffrey Campbell wedges. Finally, my choker set is from H&M and I totally love it (similar here). 

And now a little Shakes sagacity from one misfit to another:

"I am not bound to please thee with my answers"

[Merchant of Venice 4.1]

Cheers, xox - A.Martine