If you remotely know me well, or watch my constant snap stories (sorry, not sorry), you'll notice that I'm a huge fan of Netflix. I mean, firstly, who isn't? and secondly, I'm kind of obsessed with the wide variety of crime shows they stream. I've watched just about every one, and they often boil down to the same formula: a hard-boiled detective with a super dramatic trope who eventually saves the day because the culprit they're looking for, inevitably, becomes obsessed with them. That's why a lot of these crime shows seem so repetitive: it's always a story of Hannibal Lecter as the bread, and Clarisse Starling, the butter. However, one particular show, The Fall (which is of course on Netflix!), has been able to give a fresh (and quite dark) take to that formulaic method, with a bold, kickass female detective playing opposite to the creepy hot Jamie Dornan. Stella Gibson (played by dame Gillian Anderson), is a 'Clarisse' that we haven't quite seen before. Sure, she still has the fiery Joan of Arc attitude, as well as the troubled backstory, but it's her character's grasp on the kind of "I can do whatever I want" femininity and edge that really brings a new layer to the stark detective character. Gibson takes nonsense from no one, and it's that perfect combination of combative and blasé that makes her stand apart from the Clarisse's we often know and watch. She's electrically cool, ever so inspiring, and truly, she gives the stereotypical female detective a run for her money. It's these types of characters that really want to make you re-invent yourself, so to represent that, I thought I'd take some style hints from Stella's character on the show. 

Inspired by her glossy satin button downs that she dons pretty much every episode, I broke out mine for this look just the same. I picked this baby up at a thrift store for a whopping $7, (I know I can't believe it either), and paired it over a lace bralette from Free People that I also wore in my last post (you almost didn't recognize it, I'm willing to bet!). I paired the tucked in top with some edgier bottoms: these ripped Bullhead Denim jeans, and one of my favorite belts from ASOS. Lastly, I couldn't go without this gorgeous Danielle Nicole choker to add some femme sparkle.

And now for a nice little passage in honor of Shakespeare's take on fiery females: (yes, they are talking about killing people but hey, she's badass). 

Macbeth: If we should fail?

Lady Macbeth: We fail? But screw your courage to the sticking place, And we'll not fail.

[Macbeth 1.7]

Cheers, xoxox - A.Martine

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