To go along with my coming-of-age movie theme for April (check out my first look of the month here), I knew I had to reference this 90's movie next: Welcome To The Dollhouse. This is perhaps, the most awesomely awkward movie ever made in its time, (which is saying a LOT because we're talking about the mid-'90s here) and I'm so proudly embarrassed to talk about it on this blog.  The narrative follows a story of a bullied 7th grader, Dawn Wiener (coined, 'wienerdog,' by her peers), and her awkward navigation into early puberty, her love for an older attractive guy, and her eventually kidnapped sister. Dawn, is played by a young Heather Matarazzo, (YES, the right hand woman to the Queen of Genovia), and let's just say, she's so freakin' perfect and spot on to portray this character. One of my particularly favorite scenes is during a school assembly, where three of Dawn's bullies are shooting spitballs at the back of her head. She finally has enough of it and builds up the courage to shoot a massive spitball back ..... only for it to hit a nearby teacher in the eye, and nearly blind her. And therein lies just a snippet of the genius of this story: teaching us that life is unfair, and you have to live with it. 

To capture some 90's vibes, and inspired by Dawn's colorful movie poster, I put together this super fun spring-summer look for this gorgeous wall Lindsey brought me to when I was down in D.C a few weekends ago. I started with this Brandy Melville Mason Rose top, which I'm so obsessed with. As you can tell, it's a simple white tee, but has this really gorgeous embroidered rose detail on the sleeve. I live for clothes with these little details. Too cool. I paired it with this BDG skirt from Urban and this really comfy bomber I picked up a while ago at H+M.  Lastly, I threw on my Adidas and a white bandana around my neck.

Now, go watch this movie. I swear, you won't regret it. 

"Fair is foul and foul is fair"

[Macbeth 1.1]

Cheers, xo - A.Martine

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